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New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya 2017

The New Year 2023 has begun. At the end of last year, I prepared for publication the Russian-English version of the 2017 book with the variant title "Майтрейя. Слияние проявленного и непроявленного Maitreya. The Connection of the Visible and the Invisible».

Even before the New Year, the book appeared on websites https://www.litres.ru/elah-32212604/maytreyya-sliyanie-proyavlennogo-i-neproyavlennogo-maitreya/ and https://ridero.ru/books/maitreiya_sliyanie_proyavlennogo_i_neproyavlennogo_maitreya_the_connection_of_the_visible_and_the_invisible/, as well as on the websites of partner publishers "LitRes" and "Ridero", but I had no inner impulse to present it as a gift for the New Year.

New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya. The Connection of the Visible and the InvisibleAs a result, I present it as a gift for readers on Orthodox Christmas, celebrated on January 7. The published version can be downloaded or read online for free at several dozen web addresses. Some sites need registration to download, some don't (for example, https://bookzip.ru/70941-majtrejja-slijanie-projavlennogo-i-neprojavlennogo-maitreya-the-connection-of-the-visible-and-the-invisible.html, https://ae-books.online/legkoe-chtenie/detektivyi/trilleryi/384500-book/  etc.)

Peter and Paul Fortress Tree of Life of KabbalahHares Peter and Paul Fortress St_PetersburgWinter_Circle - G - Triangle For MetapyramidEven if you are already familiar with this book, it is worth reading the Preface for this version of the title, written in 2017 and supplemented in 2022. It refers to the horizontal matrix projection of the Winter Circle (hexagon) in our world and the division of its matrix maze into levels.

Reach for the Heavens. We Are One

New Year 2023. Option to Vertical

The End of the World and the Division into a Return to the Matrix Cycle and a Passage into the Transitional World

Reach for the Heavens. We Are One

Levels of RealityIf Lewis Carroll's fairy tales about Alice, with the mention of which the Introduction to the project "Levels of Reality" (LofR) begins on this site, are a guide in the matrix cycle and mirror reflection, then the text of this book is dedicated not to Alice, but to Alexandra with a hint of Alice, who received the name of Alexandra when she is baptized into Orthodoxy, it guides the reader, turning the path through the matrix maze of the current world.in the climb through the levels of the spiral of ascent with the accelerated development of consciousness in order to reach the heavens and find the way to your love (see posts "Alice and the Plane of the Matrix Projection, Alexandra and the Rise Beyond It", "From Alice to Alexandra. Animus", "Alice and Alice-Alexandra – Daughter and Granddaughter of Queen Victoria and tRNA-Swans").

The book "Maitreya...", it also leads to the idea of collective consciousness as a conscious necessity for saving and prolonging people's lives. We Are One

From the book (Chapter 35. Dream: On a Sailboat"):

'"Developed consciousness’s will be able to connect to each other and to unite in a single whole. The next stage of development – the collective consciousness. Your civilization what can be, do not come to it."


"There have been several attempts to create civilizations. Previous civilizations were erased off the face of the Earth because they could not reach this level. The same thing could happen to you. In this case, a new civilization will arise..."

"That is, the development of consciousness is a condition for the existence of civilization? If there is no development, there will be no civilization?"



The book "Maitreya ..." was created with great love for people who want to live in peace with others and strive for love and creativity in order to live happily ever after. It is for those who choose a peaceful life and want to find their way to love, gaining life experience in the matrix maze - "Ulisse", developing their abilities of body and mind, sports and professional - "Olimpico" ("Olympico", "Ogni Pietra"), and learning the laws of the universe and expanding their worldview - "Passione", "Ti amo cosi". Because otherwise you will not get into the world of the free spirit, based on love and creativity, leading to the creation of many worlds through which you can travel.

New Year 2023. Option to Vertical

Freedom-Mir_2-KiboDimash Across-Endless-Dimensions Seeds of LifeDimash's repertoire includes one more song in Italian about the ascent of the free spirit, "Across Endless Dimensions", which he performed as the soundtrack to the Italian film "Creators: The Past".

Dimash-The_Story_of_One_Sky-Requiem 1For The 4th Key Peter and Paul Fortress The Withered Tree of Life and RebirthThere will be another version of the publication of the book "Maitreya ..." with a Preface relating to vertical ascent and the formation of a free spirit Ah ("Shining", intellect, see Wikipedia "The Concept of the soul (Ancient Egypt)). The shining world of the free spirit corresponds to the sphere of "Nur Alem" ("Shining World", "World of Light") and the upper world of the reborn Tree of Life, represented in the form of the Baiterek Monument in Kazakhstan.

The End of the World and the Division into a Return to the Matrix Cycle and a Passage into the Transitional World

The video clip "Requiem. The Story of One Sky" (music by D. Kudaibergen, sl. L. Vinogradov) by Kazakh singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Dimash Kudaibergen shows two options for the development of events after the end of the world - a return to the matrix cycle to the beginning or a continuation of the ascent to the world of the free spirit (the other side of the dream).

Great RiftPresentation of the XXV Winter Olympic Games 2026 in Italy For the article New Year 2023A new rift for the next matrix cycle of renewal and reproduction was demonstrated during the presentation of the XXV Winter Olympic Games 2026, which will be held in Italy with the participation of two host cities (Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo), at the closing ceremony of the XXIV Winter Olympics in Beijing, the capital of China.

The sand of the Sahara regularly sprinkles the Great Sphinx1 The Secret of the SphinxIn this perspective, the current scenario of the world will end by 2026. And then there will be a division into two different scenarios. One will return to the beginning of the matrix cycle in the current world and a new rift (Matrix-4). The other is connected with a transitional world leading to a new earth under a new sky.

Probably by this time, Dimash's new international concert tour "Stranger" and his invitation to fly away with him in the song "Fly Away" (music by E. Gabbasov, lyrics by J. Arakelyan) will end.

I close my eyes and fly away Dimash For New Year 2023Novaya_Zemlya Russia Zar-Bombe The Tsar - Bomb Tsar Bomba AN602 Cape Dry Nose Novaya Zemlya Island 1961The words "I close my eyes and fly away" are perceived as a transition from light to digital quantum reality, where it is possible to create an ideal system.

The Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arkhangelsk region in Russia, over which the most powerful thermonuclear Tsar bomb was detonated, consists of two islands - the Northern and Southern.

Baiterek Kazakhstan Flower and Handprint Berkut - Golden Eagle For The 4th Key Peter and Paul Fortress The Withered Tree of Life and RebirthThe Northern one reminds of the Northern (Christian) Cross asterism, formed by the brightest stars of the constellation Cygnus, and the Christian end of the world for the saved, the First Elders with palm branches. It is described in the Book of Revelation.

Palm Branch and Palm, reminiscent of the imprint of the right hand - composition "Ayala alakan" ("Caring hands", Ka in the concept of the soul of Ancient Egypt) in the sphere symbolizing the upper world of the free spirit (Ah (Shining,intellect) in the concept of the soul of Ancient Egypt) at the top of the Baiterek Monument, representing the reborn on the new soil is the Tree of Life.

Coat of Arms of Kazakhstan For the New Year 2023Epcot_Imagination Imagine_Lennon Pyramid_Kazakhstan For the New Year 2023Palace_of_Peace_and_Reconciliation MetapyramidAccordingly, the Southern Island is associated with Islam, the religion of the Almighty, which contains the preceding ones, and the Cradle of the Birth of the Metapyramide of the golden transitional world for awakening the collective consciousness of the soul ("Love of Tired Swans"). (See the article "Metapyramid in Kazakhstan. Upper and Lower Levels. Stranger. The Sword at the Gates of Paradise" and the forum subsection "Metapyramid. Stranger and the Shining World. Religions and Truth.")

Collective consciousness is the Ba in the concept of the soul of Ancient Egypt, the "flower of religions with 17 petals" (a wooden globe with autographs of representatives of 17 religions of the world), symbolizing a unified worldview in the upper sphere of the Baiterek Monument.

According to the ideas about the soul in Ancient Egypt, after the death of the carrier, the Ba falls into a lethargic sleep and dissolves into the world as a collective unconscious, anima, the matrix basis of the natural cycle (mRNA).

The death and salvation of Ba from Chaos for awakening in the golden world is figuratively shown in the video clip "Golden" by Dimash. In it, we can also see how people who were experimental subjects in the world of Chaos will themselves own the accumulated golden solutions obtained over many years of trial and error.

In each of us there is some part of the collective unconscious, a part of the fallen asleep Ba, who is in captivity of Chaos. And that's why this video, touching the soul and so simply conveying through vivid memorable images what people need to know, concerns everyone.

The constellations Cygnus and Pegasus For the New Year 2023 Coat of Arms of Kazakhstan For the New Year 2023It is worth saying that Kazakhstan today surprises with a well-thought-out long-term strategic basis for the software being implemented in the state, taking into account a huge number of all kinds of life situations. Involuntarily, the thought arises of a "heavenly programmer" with an incredible level of development, who took care of the country, rapidly carrying out "digitalization" and defeating Chaos.

People continue to be people. It is common for a person to make mistakes due to lack of education, not seeing the whole picture of the life situation in which you find yourself, or simply from inattention, but the number of possible errors is rapidly reduced due to constant software correction.

A new Metaverse of transitional worlds will be deployed from the golden world. (Omega Nebula (Swan Nebula, Checkmark Nebula, Lobster Nebula, and the Horseshoe Nebula, zone H2, M17 or NGC 6618) in the constellation Sagittarius, "Akkuym / My Swan")

Both religions speak of the end of the world. According to Islam, on the Day of Judgment (Kiyamat), new bodies will be created by the will of Allah, and souls will rush into them to continue searching for their way to love. (See also the post "Alice and Alice-Alexandra – Daughter and Granddaughter of Queen Victoria and tRNA-Swans").

New Year 2023. Border

Исход евреев из Египта Эридан Джордан Left Right Для МетапирамидаJordan-Arakelyan Arnau Dimash Concert Tour Stand-up_Left-RightThe author of the lyrics of the song "Fly Away" is charming Jordan Arakelyan with Armenian roots, who is herself a singer. Her name is consonant with the name of the Jordan River as the borders of the Promised Land in the Bible. Jordan's page is presented at the bottom of Dimash's YouTube page and also looks like a kind of border. During the concert tour "Arnau" ("Initiation", "Dedication") of Dimash, she performed the dynamic song "Stand Up" with the words "Left, Right".

The next concert of the "Stranger" tour will take place in Armenia (April 29, 2023). After it, a concert is planned in Malaysia (June 24, 2023), perceived as the new Asia Minor. Apparently, everything is happening in accordance with the plan of the Almighty. As far as can be judged, the arrival, initiation of the new program and the departure of the Messenger of the Almighty were reflected even earlier through the transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan and its renaming (see the post "1 Akmola/Astana 1997 - 2 Astana-Bastau 2017 – 3 Astana/Nur-Sultan-Arnau 2019 – 4 Nur-Sultan/Astana-Stranger 2022").

DQ-ARNAU-Give_Me_Love-Rha-Isis-Nephthys-SPB-2019Also, the song "Makhabbat Ber Maghan" ("Give me love"), issued at the concerts of the concert tour "Arnau" in Nur-Sultan and St. Petersburg as the departure of Atum -Ra in his first sunrise, has a significant meaning.

Matrix Projection and Separation into LevelsThe 4th Key Peter and Paul Fortress. The Withered Tree of Life and Rebirth Part 1

Projection and vertical are described in the section "A Common Projection onto a Plane and Division into Levels" of the book "4th Key. Peter and Paul Fortress. The Withered Tree of Life and Rebirth. Part 1", published a little earlier in Russian and separately in English versions, also for free download (see also the article of the same name on this site).

The publication of this book turned out to be a gift for the Catholic Christmas, celebrated on December 25. It is also presented on the websites of LitRes, Ridero, and partner sites of these publishers, including ntvplus, where you can download it with or without registration (for example, https://zvooq-knigi.ru/4y-klyuch-petropavlovskaya-kreposty-uvyadshee-drevo-ghizni-i-pereroghdenie-chasty-1-546309?ysclid=lcequ4fac1378793453).