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1-2 – Mirror Worlds and the Path to Rebirth

1 - 2 Mirror Worlds and the Path to RebirthAt first, I posted only slides on the topic of the article “1-2 Mirror Worlds and the Path to rebirth” and

Майтрейя 2017The 4th Key. Peter and Paul Fortress. The Withered Tree of Life and Rebirth. Part 1Reminded you about the books published for free download “Майтрейя. Слияние проявленного и непроявленного Maitreya. The Connection of the Visible and the Invisible” with a 2017 Preface telling about the matrix maze, supplemented in 2022 and “The 4th Key. Peter and Paul Fortress. The Withered Tree of Life and Rebirth. Part 1“.

What should I write in the text of the article? It is becoming increasingly difficult to explain, to tell, because there are too many historical events, their details, as well as different representations of epochs and peoples transmitted through myths, fairy tales, religions, paintings, songs, books, films must be in the reader’s memory to understand. Plus basic knowledge in the field of natural science, programming and how the human body works.

To remember everything is unrealistic for any person. In addition, from different angles and viewing levels, even at different points in time, the same information looks different, takes on different meanings, in which it is easy to get confused. “Everything flows, everything changes.” It is important to be aware that no matter how changing and chaotic our world looks, all events in it contain the same cryptographic code.

It contains key images, concepts that are present in different events and allow us to identify a single fractal algorithm for the unfolding of visible, manifested life. What I call the main line of the scenario of the world. The main objective of the project “Levels of Reality” (LofR) of this site – solving this line or fractal algorithm.

Undefeated-Love Qairan Elim Dimash Lara Fabian Igor Krutoy Diana Ankudinova Bibigul Tulegenova Demi Lovato NightingaleIt unfolds as the rhythm of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” (see the post “Fractal formula of the unfolding of the world and Bolero”, as well as the description in Wikipedia of the Spanish folk dance bolero). The same rhythmic figure and the two themes are repeated from time to time until a certain moment, after which there is a collapse and loss of meaning that binds the world together. If the Creator don’t stop the script at this point, then chaos will definitely take over, and it will destroy everything and everything. Stopping allows to take stock and collect in the world what is worth saving.

Local bubble of the Milky WayVishnu_Bubbles-worldsDimash-The_Story_of_One_Sky-Requiem 1The unfolding of the main line is accompanied by a number of bifurcations at each turn to create something new, as far as can be judged. And chaos, seeking to engulf the whole world and destroy it, arises because of this. Apparently, this is why the scenario of the world ends at three and a half turns. During these three and a half turns, either it will be possible to form a new worldview, or not. If it works out, then another golden world will appear in the family of worlds of the big cosmos, and if not, for the inhabitants of the Earth there will only be the destruction of the current civilization and a return to the beginning in the Local Bubble.

Transition. Mirror Worlds of the Matrix and the Path to Rebirth

We are getting closer to the moment when life on Earth will stop and further possible transitions will occur. It can be a return to the matrix world again, other options: transition to the category of “eternal” heroes of Hyperborea (a country from myths in the far North) or on the path to becoming creators of worlds in transitional Atlantis, and there is also an almost unknown country of Mu (Pacifide) creators. 4 basic items in the hands of Vishnu and 4 transitions?

(А Pacifide existing out of time, presumably, in the Pacific Ocean. In Egyptian mythology, the god Ra, annoyed by the unwillingness of people to obey him and their ingratitude, first decides to exterminate them, and then stops the extermination and goes to heaven on the back of the sky goddess Nut, who took the form of a cow – see in Wikipedia, “Ra and Sekhmet”, another variant is the goddess Mehurt).

There is also a story about Pharaoh Menkaure’s daughter buried in a cow statue. Menkaure-Mikerin is world famous for the Third Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau. The history of this pyramid leads to the hetaera Rhodopis, the prototype of Cinderella in the Ancient world, the collector of the animus in the rem sleep phase – see the section “The End of the World and the Division into a Return to the Matrix Cycle or a Passage into the Transitional World” in the article “New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya 2017).

The path of heroes and creators will return to Earth more than once, but already as in an expedition to the dungeon, Underworld, to gain the missing experience, new knowledge and skills, or to train a new humanity and form a new worldview.

Some fragments of the text of the theme “Mirror Worlds and the Path to Rebirth” I included in the new slides on the topic, which I posted here. There was an impulse to publish the material in this way.

As it turned out, on the day of the creation of this publication, February 21, 2023, the Mongolian Lunar New Year according to the lunar-solar calendar (Tegus Buyantu), Sagaalgan (Tsagaan Sar, Mongolian: tsagaan – “white”, sar – “month, moon”) came. Initially, it was a Mongolian festival of milk and its products, similar to the harvest festival of settled peoples. Over the course of a number of centuries, he underwent a transformation under the influence of Chinese astrology, philosophy and ideas of Tibetan Buddhism.

It has become a kind of holiday of purification and the meeting of the Lunar New Year. In the XIII century, under Chinese influence, white rice also became a “white” treat in addition to dairy products. People celebrated the holiday in white robes, symbolizing purity (see about white robes in the book of Revelation 6:10-11). In the XVII century, Tibetan mythology and customs became widespread among the Mongolian people’s. It was no longer white clothes that came to the fore, but special welcoming gestures symbolizing the purity of thoughts and the desire for peace and harmony. To date, Sagaalgan is considered a Buddhist holiday celebrated by the peoples of East Asia and the Far East, Mongolian and some Turkic.

The emphasis of the slides posted here is on the topic “1-2 – Mirror Worlds. The Path to Rebirth” is based on the transition from Hindu Buddhism to Chinese.

The Samsara of the Matrix and the Samsara of the Fractal Algorithm. From the Infinity of the Indian Wheel of Samsara to Chinese Buddhism with an Eternal Basis It’s a transition leading to the path to becoming a creator (from the matrix cycle of projection of the levels of reality to the spiral of development). I have already written about two representations of Buddhism in India and China in the section “Samsara of Matrix and Samsara of Fractal Algorithm. Liver and Kidneys. Stranger” of the article “Metapyramid in Kazakhstan …”.

The Samsara of the Matrix and the Samsara of the Fractal Algorithm. For 1 - 2 Mirror Worlds and the Path to RebirthBritish India - Division. For 1 - 2 Mirror Worlds and the Path to RebirthI present an excerpt from the article in the form of a slide and add another slide about British India and its division with an emphasis on the episode “Demons of the Punjab” from the series with the 13th Doctor (woman) from the British science fiction series “Doctor Who” and the Chinese folk song “Jasmine” performed by a Kazakh singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Dimash, who received the right to perform it after him participating in the contest “I’m a Singer” – 2017 in China.

Mirror Worlds. Note for Dimash’s Dears

DNA Spiral and GistoneFrom the article “The Kitchen of Reality. Reflection in Matter, Limits, and Bifurcation Points”: “I noticed some individual moments, but the threads of the canvas as a whole were torn and tangled when trying to pull each one out and see its interlacing relationships with others. Similarly, DNA strands would be confused in our genes if there were no histone proteins that organize and package them.” Dimash constantly creates key images (proteins-histones), on which, the history of the world can be collected, or reminds of the concepts associated with them.

2 Mirror Worlds and the Path to Rebirth. Russian Riviera Thanks to his posts in February from Los Angeles, California, I divided two orange counties in the USA in my head – one with the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Listen to Brahms’ lullaby from L-A, performed by Dimash ) at Disneyland in Anaheim (“St. Anna’s House”, anima and St. Anna (ranked among male Ancestors of God – part of the Creator, in Orthodoxy)) in California, and the other – Cinderella Castle (Cinderella, ash, coal dust and the memory of the animus in the heart) at Disney World in Orlando in Florida (from Spanish “Blooming”).

2 Зеркальные миры и Путь к перерождению. Русская РивьераUkraine-Traces of Eternal LifeSee also about the new race (slide about Ukraine) and the duo “Wild Stallions” (Bill and Ted) from San Dimas in Los Angeles County on the slide “2 – Mirror Worlds. The Path to Rebirth.” It took me a long time to figure out that Ted-Theodore-Fedor is related to the cherub, according to the Bible, the vehicle of the invisible Creator God, displayed in the sky by the constellation Sagittarius in the form of a centaur preparing rebirth, and Bill – to the constellation Capricorn.

RoofTop-Jay_Chou-2013 Для Петля Мебиуса For The Mobius LoopOlympics-2014-Sochi-Russia-1-Closing-03-2022(“Constellation of Capricorn” is the 9th studio album by Taiwanese musician, producer, actor, director, winner of more than twenty international music awards Jay Chow, who played his wedding in three countries: England, Australia and Taiwan – see about him in the section “Тайвань – Земля возрожденного Осириса” (“Taiwan – The Land of the Reborn Osiris”) of the article “За зеркалом – 3. Петля Мебиуса – Размыкание, 7 печатей Откровения, 4 Всадника Апокалипсиса” (“Beyond the Mirror – 3. Mobius Loop – Opening, 7 seals of Revelation, 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”).)

The Stopped Watch of Love. Between the Hammer and the Anvil. Animus

The lovers’ watch in the episode “Demons of the Punjab” stop before the day of the division of India on a religious principle. A Hindu, a guy with the name  Prem, meaning “Love”, dies, and his data is stored in some kind of space storage as … “ashes from the bonfire of war”. And the girl Umbreen, a Muslim woman who became a wife and widow in one day, flees from India to England to the old city of Sheffield in the valley of the Don River, known as the center of steel production in the XIX century, one of the Core Cities Group of England.

Having lived a life without wars in this city, becoming a grandmother, Umbreen (Amrin) gives her granddaughter a watch that crashed and stopped on the day of her wedding with Prem, handed to her as a mahr from a loved one. (Umbreen [Amrin] is the feminine version of the male name Amr, (Umar). Arabic: عمرو – “life, being”, ع م ر – “to live a long time”; Hebrew: עומר, /ˈ(ʕ)Omer/), derived from “sheaf” or “bundle of grain”, אוֹמָר, /’Ómer/) in the Hebrew Bible, meaning “eloquent”.)

Coat_of_arms_of_Sheffield_City_Council For 1-2 - Mirror Worlds. The Path to RebirthThe coat of arms of the city of Sheffield depicts a god Thor with a hammer (thrice born) on the right side, and a Volcano with tongs in front of an anvil on the left, reminding of the expression “between a hammer and an anvil”. In the lower part of the shield located between the Volcano and the Thor, we see three bundles of grain on a green background. In the upper part of the shield on which the gods rest, on an azure background, four arrows on each side intersect with each other, at the same time penetrating the cloth of silver fabric.

At the top of the coat of arms is a steel knight’s helmet decorated with a white and blue wreath, and on it a silver lion holds an azure shield with 8 silver arrows, similar to the lower shield, but in the center of the intersection is a ball resembling the image of “yin and yang” in Chinese cosmology. On the page about “yin and yang” in Wikipedia: “In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of yin and yang and formed into objects and lives.”

The DNA in the Nucleus and Mitochondria Control Region of Neutral MutationsMitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother onlyYasmin’s granddaughter, the companion of Doctor Who, becoming the carrier of the animus, accepts the broken clock as a memory of a failed love. Dream birds that could not take off in the current world, caught “between a rock and an anvil”, can get their development in one of the lunar worlds of the “silver idea” thanks to the animus carrier (similar to the transmission of mitochondrial DNA mutations on the maternal side (Imran’s family in the Quran)).

Reports about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the countries between which there was a border conflict (Turkish: Türkiye-Suriye Krizi), which arose during the Syrian civil war (2012), now recall lines from the book of Revelation:

“And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” (Revelation, 6:11)

There will be “3 – Mirror Worlds and a Path to Rebirth”.