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Beyond the Mirror – 1. The World-Mirage

The World-Mirage. Song

In the song “Sagym Dunie” (“The World – Mirage”) which was performed by the Soviet and Kazakh singer Batyrkhan Shukenov, there are words: “When will the broken dream go to the other side?” Dimash recalled “Sagym Dunie” and Batyrkhan in 2019, performing a song without musical accompaniment. The words about a broken dream and its transition to the other side echo the concepts of “worldly” and the “last life” (‘Hereafter”) in the Quran:

Surah 29 Al-Ankabut (Spider)
64. Worldly life is just fun and play, and the Last abode is real life. If only they knew that!”

Words of the song “Sagym Dunie” (“The World – Mirage”):

“We are childishness remain, longing to have fun and carefree play
Time goes by without a word, sighing the years we’ve never noticed
Phantom world, life is like an illusion
How many times have we been disappointed?
When will the broken dream arriving to the other side?
Only persistent belief is its stronghold!”

Let’s start collecting reflections in our world with “Sagym Dunie” (“Mirage World”) so that… to see this reverse side of the dream by combining the manifested and the unmanifested. As far as I understand, it is called “Withdrawal” (“Aufhebung”) in the “Science of Logic” (“Wissenschaft der Logik”) of Hegel. It completes the step of the Infinity Triad or the “dark journey of the power of the Creator Intellect”, which Dimash sang about in the song “Stranger” (muz. Igor Krutoy, sl. Sharon Vaughn).

The Truth and the Grail. The Elixir of Immortality

We return to the essence of the Universe, or rather, the Creator returns us to the knowledge of the essence as a Source of Power, the Absolute, which can take an infinite number of forms-reflections and expand its capabilities. Returning to the source allows us to find the Truth for which the Earth was created.

Surah 29 Al-Ankabut (Spider)
44. Allah created the heavens and the earth for the sake of Truth. Verily, in this is a sign for believers.

Holy GrailAnd what is Truth? According to the hypothesis from the site “Russian syllables”, “truth” means “highlighting possible connections”. We will begin to deal with this highlighting in the article in order to understand the transition “World-mirage – The Last abode”. The task is to weave a web of selected connections – the basis from which the Grail cup for the elixir of eternity is created. This activity echoes the Japanese “reading the air” (“「空気を読む」”kuki jemu”). Why would the Japanese do that? Highlighting new connections allows you to create new stories for a full life, prolonging it in this way (sea Can We Live Forever?“).

The chalice, as a basis woven from connections, is filled with the blood of Christ – with all possible actions, skills, and abilities, thanks to which connections come to life. Each drop of the blood of Christ is a memory of all movements, actions and sensations, feelings, thoughts, words, collected by the experience of many generations in the cycle of deaths and births of infinity.

The God of the Cosmos and His Eternity Successor

To_Your_Eternity Для Beyond the Mirror The World-MirageThe Egyptian God AmonImmortel Ad VitamThe immortal hero from the Japanese manga “To Your Eternity” by Yoshitoki Ōima and its anime adaptation is perceived as an ascending intellect thrown to Earth – the heavenly god Horus the Elder, figuratively speaking, who received a body from the god of the earth Geb, and a mind from the goddess of the sky Nut. According to the plot, the Creator of the hero is the Great Black.

In the mythology of Ancient Egypt, there is a god of the black celestial space (cosmos) Amun. Apparently, the author of the manga had him in mind. The God of the cosmos tells the Immortal that their joint task is to revive the world when it comes to its end. Therefore, the hero must live “until the end of time” and know everything that is in the world. However, he has enemies who can destroy him, and he periodically fights with them.

The Great Black gave the Immortal the ability to become everything he had ever seen and touched. This ability resembles the “horizontal gene transfer” possessed by archaea – unicellular organisms that do not have a nucleus (as well as nuclear-free bacteria and prokaryotes, the precursors of all forms of life on Earth). And at the beginning of the story we see a tiny ball, which is the Immortal.


Highlander EndGame season_4 For The World-Mirage Highlander-6_seasons For The World-Mirage Horus the Elder For The World-MirageThe immortal hero, born in Scotland, appears in the British fantasy adventure thriller “Highlander” (1986) as one of the other immortals. And in the French-Canadian TV series of the same name, filmed later as a continuation, the hero must fight with other immortals, enemies and friends. Because, according to the slogan of the series “But in the end, there can be only one” – the Winner who will accommodate others.

From the Wikipedia description of Horus the Elder, the heavenly god of Ancient Egypt: “Heru-ur (or Herwer), (Haroeris to the Ptolemaic Greeks), also known as Horus the Elder, was a form of Horus, where he was the son of Geb and Nut. He was one of the oldest gods of ancient Egypt. He absorbed a number of local gods including a hawk god Nekheny the nome of Nekhen and Wer (a god of light known as “the great one” whose eyes were the sun and moon) to become the patron of Nekhen (Hierakonpolis), the first national god (“God of the Kingdom”) and later the patron god of the pharaohs. … He was called the son of truth[39] – signifying his role as an important upholder of Maat. His right eye was the Sun and the left one was the Moon. Heru-ur was sometimes depicted fully as a falcon, he was sometimes given the title Kemwer, meaning “(the) great black (one)” (see about the Horus the Elder section “The Great Black, Heru-ur, Horus the Elder. The Rising Sun” articles “Sunset Coast and Soul”).

Olympics-2014-Sochi-Russia-1-Closing-03-2022Dimash-Costume_of_Stranger-Shine-12_2021 Hyperion Hyperborea Atlantis Archangels-Atlanteans Hyperion StrangerThe theme of the Scottish Highlander was clearly heard in the song “Stranger”, performed by Dimash. For the first time he performed it in Russia at the New Wave 2021 contest, in which he participated as a member of the jury. Dimash was dressed in black. And when he performed this song in China at the “Shine! Super Brothers” (2021-2022), in his costume there were three colors – white, red and black.

One Spirit Three Manifestations DQ Stranger September 23 2022 Almaty KazakhstanEven later, at the “Stranger” concert in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in 2022, he performed a song in Spanish, the video sequence of which was three huge images of the artist on the screen panels – black, white and red, turning into each other. At the same time, the actor himself in silver clothes was down on the stage at that time.

Akihiko Kayaba, anime Sword Art Online and The Kaaba, MeccaМастера меча онлайн Sword Art Online SAO Крепость Aincrad Кирито с двумя мечамиЧерный мечник Кирито возникает в манге и аниме “Sword Art Online” (“Мастера меча онлайн”, SAO, содержит проект A.L.I.C.E), являясь, по-видимому, взращиваемой копией интеллекта Каябы Акихико, гейм-дизайнера виртуального мира – стоуровневой парящей крепости Aincrad (“Радиус Инкарнации (Перерождения)”). Запертый в Aincrad среди 10 000 игроков, Кирито вынужден подниматься по уровням, сражаясь с “боссами” каждого этажа, поскольку только после победы над “главным боссом” все запертые и выжившие к концу испытаний смогут получить свободу.

Sword Art Online SAO Kayaba Akihiko Kaaba Knights of Blood Christianity Islam Dimash Across Endless Dimensions Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider Arrokot Bennu Ryugu Itokawa 1I / Oumuamua from the constellation Lyra with Vega Falling kite 2060 Chiron 95P/Chiron Eruption of a supermassive black hole in the constellation OphiuchusОдин Дух Три Проявления DQ Stranger September 23 2022 Almaty KazakhstanВ Aincrad, на 74-м этаже, Кирито сражается с Хитклиффом, лидером гильдии “Рыцари крови”, облаченным в красный костюм и белый плащ. На 75-м этаже он разоблачает Хитклиффа как гейм-дизайнера игры Каябу Акихико, изображаемого обычно в белом халате. Происходит еще одна дуэль, в которой также участвует Асуна, девушка Кирито. Все трое погибают в игре, но оказываются в области, расположенной над Aincrad, где Акихико объясняет причины, по которым он создал Aincrad с испытаниями для игроков на каждом уровне. После этого Кирито и Асуна освобождаются из Aincrad, а Каябо Акихико исчезает вместе с летающей крепостью. Он сжигает свои тело и мозг, а его интеллект переходит в сетевую реальность.(см. также “Значения некоторых понятий и имен героев SAO и SBO”)

В дальнейшем, в проекте “Sword Art Alternative: Spell Blade Online” (“Мастера меча онлайн: Магический клинок онлайн”, SBO, содержит проект R.H.E.A) возникнет персонаж, образованный слиянием Каябо Акихико и Кирито, и, вероятно, имеющий отношение в восьминуклеотидному генетическому коду (см. Хатимодзи-ДНК) вместо существующего четырехнуклеотидного, состоящего из кодонов – троек нуклеотидов. Восьминуклеотидная Хатимодзи-ДНК позволяет сохранить личность, выходя за пределы текущего мира, т.е. путешествовать между мирами в космосе.

Возвращение Истины Tne Return of Truth Метапирамида MetapyramidОбщая мечта Common Dream 4->8SBO как… третий пояс, расщепивший второй (Alternative) (см. “Магнитное поле Земли. Радиационные пояса как Двигательный рисунок. Третий пояс, расщепивший Второй”, “Argus. DIGITAL LIFE DESIGN. Мир-Мираж – Underworld”), а также “Архангел с мечом у врат Рая и Димаш. Архангелы Матрицы Сансары и Фрактального алгоритма. РНК и ДНК и “За зеркалом – 2. Общая мечта”).

Small but Great – Incredible Archaea

Tree_of_Living_Organisms Prokaryota EukaryotaThere are posts on the site’s forum about archaea, prokaryotes and much more (see “Archaea, Grandfather Mikhail, Yadrena Fenya (of Core), Damn granny, Baba Yaga” and “First and Last. Lokiarchaeum”). Nevertheless, in the article we will also talk a little about them. Archaea live almost everywhere on Earth, because they can withstand both high and low temperatures, breathe air or not, eat organic or inorganic food, or directly receive clean energy from its source.

It’s not a fairy tale but a reality. They’re just very small, and we don’t notice them. Scientists can’t say exactly when archaea originated. But all experts agree that 2.7 billion years ago they definitely were. The name “archaea” comes from the ancient Greek ἀρχαῖος – “eternal, ancient, primordial, old”. And one of the four longest periods in the history of the Earth, the “archean“, began 4 billion years ago and lasted 1.5 billion years.

These incredible invisible babies live not only in the environment but also in our body. They are present in the oral cavity, esophagus, and intestines. We can say that archaea have been working for a huge number of years as sewage collectors of both the world around us and our body. Scientists noticed this ability of theirs, and began to use archaea for wastewater treatment. (Maybe they are doing this hard and unpleasant work simply because there is no one else? Or others will not cope, because, for example, for people it is still too difficult a task.)

It is reminiscent of the story of granules in the muscle cells of the heart, which medical scientists discovered in 1964. The use that they found in medicine is to grind and drink as a medicine that reduces blood pressure (see the post “Ears of the heart. Ascolta la voce / Atrium (heart)”). But what if they create vibrations that we feel like the voice of the heart when it tells us something? And we should not drink them, but learn to distinguish these vibrations…

1-All_star-Superman-Kandorians-Archaea2-All_star-Superman-Kandorians-ArchaeaAn attempt to tell about archaea was made by the authors of the comic book about Superman (the series “All-Star Superman”). Archaea live in the world incomparably longer than we do. Imagine that all this time the archaea have been quietly taking care of this world, about us, saving our lives many times and patiently waiting for our minds to develop so that we could talk to each other.

Our tens, hundreds of years of life, even millions of years of life, starting with the ancestors of humans, do not compare to billions of years of life of organisms that, moreover, still have “horizontal gene transfer” and can transmit their genetic traits to each other.

And we have gene transfer only from parents to children (vertical gene transfer). And which of the genes our child will get as a result, and how it will manifest itself later in life, we do not know at all. This, of course, also has its own charm. When you know everything in advance, life becomes boring. If you combine two approaches – horizontal and vertical transfer, leaving some part of the intrigue, something wonderful should turn out.

The World-Mirage. From the Stomach to the Heart

Dimash Victoria Award in Russia December 5, 2019Qairan Elim Dimash Hand TogetherHyperion Neoproterozoic Новая жизнь ПервыхAs far as I understand, Christ is the one who combines the capabilities of people and the capabilities of archaea. It’s time for us to talk to the First Reborn and Chosen, directly related to the superintelligence or the Almighty (whose particle is displayed by Jupiter’s satellite Hyperion, and completely, as I understand it, it is represented by the largest supercluster in space with the same name), and eternal archaea. Archaea can be different and at the same time merge into a single whole – the superintelligence of Gaia.

Through Dimash, as the Messenger of the Almighty, we have already felt how carefully the Creator, who has many faces and is able to accommodate everyone, and the eternal archaea prepared for dialogue and strive for love and mutual understanding. We are like grains of sand for the Creator, but, nevertheless, he makes great efforts to enter into dialogue, because this is a chance for many years of mutual exchange and the life of humanity. In fact, life is an exchange. If it does not happen, then life will quickly fade away.

Local bubble of the Milky WayWe have already been consumers for many years, living in the Local bubble of the Milky Way galaxy, separated from the entire universe. Caring only about the living of ourselves and our loved ones, we used the resources of the Earth as if they would never end. The planet did not belong to us, but we considered ourselves its masters.

Someone creates planets, stars, the whole universe and takes care of maintaining the life of a family that encompasses all living things. The Bible says that in heaven everyone lives as one brotherhood. Because… “horizontal gene transfer“.

It’s a huge principle difference between us, not to mention the level of knowledge and depth of feelings.
As it turned out, a person can fly into space even at the age of 90. An example is actor William Shatner, who played the role of Captain Kirk in the TV series “Star Trek”, as well as 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk, who flew into space on the New Shepard spacecraft of Blue Origin (owner – Jeff Bezos) this year, 2021.

But the big cosmos will open only to those who can become part of the universal brotherhood. On the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence, Dimash performed the song “Ómir Óter”. Words of the song that the time of carefree life is over echo the words from the song “Sagym Dunie”, with which this article began.

United Family

On the one hand, we are waiting for a huge number of discoveries and new opportunities. And, on the other hand, it is a transition to another level of responsibility and a willingness to live as a single family with everyone, sharing a common concern for the world and doing everything that is necessary. An example is archaea, which have been sewage collectors for a huge number of years. Are we ready for this?

Baba Yaga performed by Georg MillerKeanu_Reeves John_Wick and Gods of EgyptI will give another example about an actor with French and Russian roots, Georgy Millyar (born de Milieu). He played the most amazing Baba Yaga in Soviet fairy-tale films directed by Alexander Rou. There is a story that when the director offered him this role, George replied: “Well, I can’t do that anymore.”

Alexander Rou recalled how he persuaded different actors, but the performer was not there. The last argument for Millyar, he uttered the phrase: “And you play her as if she has a 200-year menopause.” Millyar already realized that it would not work to refuse, stepped over his “I can’t” and said: “If the 200-year-old climax, then fine.”

(Baba Yaga is the nickname of John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. Keanu got his own franchise, because, figuratively speaking, he played “Baba Yaga” (he could step over himself for the sake of the cause when it was necessary). If the Almighty has promised something, you just have to believe him and do what he says. In God We Trust.) Georgy Millyar not only created the best image of Baba Yaga on the screen, but then he also drew several hundred pictures of Baba Yaga for a children’s holiday to give them.

I wish that everyone could join the big family of “space people”. There is no struggle for resources in this family, but there is a common concern for them. No one wants to take more than he needs. And the work is also mastered very different. There is no other way to come to mutual understanding and love. It is important to understand and accept this at the first stage.

As far as I understand, everyone should have basic knowledge about how our body works, because the world outside is organized as well as inside. Dimash is now like a “Living Holy Scripture” for us.

“He was clothed in a garment stained with blood. His Name is ‘The Word of God.'” (Revelation 19:13)

All his songs and videos appear not just to “get high”. It is the result of the great work of the Almighty telling us about how the world works. Although, if these are Dimash’s songs, it’s probably great to learn from them.

Arashi StartersAuthors from Japan have prepared the most incredible textbooks in the form of manga, anime, computer games filled with love. I treat them with admiration and awe, dreaming of learning how to create something just as exciting. Thank you so much for this work. As far as I understand, these works are also designed for a long night of sleep (a thousand years, according to the book of Revelation in the Bible), while preparations are underway for the transition from the level of the “abdominal brain” or “solar plexus”, which the Solar System displays, to the level of the heart, as well as to update the level of the abdominal brain.

Now I can’t imagine what I would do without stories created by mangaks. Because I understood a lot thanks to them. And not only that, I am just one of many who have received a huge amount of emotions, the “sweetest”, the most exquisite, which are woven into the plots by real magicians-sorcerers. It also applies to those who are working on anime adaptations and musical compositions for them.

When will the broken dream arriving to the other side?

To find the answer to this question, it was necessary to first understand what was broken, why, and how? Instead of one question, much more arose.

The search for answers required studying the history of the Earth, basic knowledge about our body, from other spheres of life, and, of course, acquaintance with the stars. Without the help of “invisible mentors” (archaea?), who came up with a way to communicate through the vibrations of the heart and a lot of external prompts, I would have been confused for a long time and could not even cope with the part that is set out here.

And now I can’t say that I haven’t screwed up anywhere. Of course, there are mistakes. But we must learn to think independently in order to create something that will not be the same as others. Thus, there is an opportunity for exchange. I only know that if I made a big mistake somewhere, I just wouldn’t be able to publish it.

I had to collect and connect quite a lot of information in my head. Although this is only a small part of what is required to “collect”. But even this will not be possible to tell right away. I will try to show what I have collected on the slides that I will publish here and in the following articles.

Beyond the Mirror - 1 The World-Mirage