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Dimash – Be With Me. Footsteps of Our Ancestors

Footsteps of Our Ancestors. A Journey. It Was Fun

Inside the Autonomic Nervous System

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Footsteps of Our Ancestors. A Journey. It Was Fun

“Journey in the footsteps of our ancestors” is the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the video clip “Be With Me.” Dimash sang in the song “Kieli Meken”: “The ancestors have paved the way that we’ll convey to the descendants,” but who could have imagined that it would be so … fun and exciting.

The video of “Be With Me” was beyond my consciousness, because there was so much shown and told in 4 minutes that it seemed incredible.

Dimash Be With Me Journey in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors

I didn’t understand much, but so let it be. The video clip set you up not to think, but just to enjoy the performance of the song and the action on the screen. It was fun. Judging by the reviews, many people liked the running of the main characters. For me, it gave me an incentive to start running after the winter and a sad event in my family. However, after a few days, the run ended for me with a pinched nerve, because I did not take into account some kind of issues of maintaining balance in the body. And they were linked to the Autonomic Nervous System.

Inside the Autonomic Nervous System

I must say that you deal with something when you feel pain, much faster. The video “Be With Me” begins with the protagonist walking between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic parts of the ANS. So now I began to review it and study the topics it contained. And there were a lot of questions … too many, considering that I am not a doctor or a historian at all. I started to deal with some of them earlier for the article about Dimash’s post with the words “Мен – қазақпын (I am a Kazakh).”

Dimash Be With Me Footsteps of Our Ancestors 2 The Autonomic Nervous System

In fact, the world of the Earth was created as the world of the body, acting in accordance with the given programs of plant and animal life. And our history, beginning with the emergence of civilizations, reflects the introduction of the Central Nervous System into it. It’s right, but you won’t learn and understand everything quickly.

And here we can only admire how the Creator has provided for this and helps us to see some of the most important points, so that we can understand the basis, and then everyone will decide for himself what is closer to him.

Maitreya School

Everything we lived in this world was just a preparation for something bigger. Oops. The Qur’an introduces the concepts of “worldly or transitory life” and “the last life,” and clarifies them over and over again. For example:

The worldly life is only fun and play, and the Last Abode is the real life. If they only knew it! (Sura 29 Al-Ankabut (The Spider), verse 64).

The video clip “Be With Me” contains hints about it from … ancient Greek myths. I suggest that you take a “journey in the footsteps of your ancestors,” using the prepared slides and again reviewing the video of Dimash.

Dimash Be With Me Footsteps of Our Ancestors 3 Perseus and Persephone Adrenal Glands

Dimash Be With Me Footsteps of Our Ancestors 4 Perseus and Persephone Adrenal Glands Pituitary Gland

This video is for me as the embodiment of the idea of the “School of Maitreya” or “School of Scripts,” which I wrote about in the book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible.” (Joining the Manifested nd the Unmanifested). But I had no idea how to make the school itself a reality. And now it seems to be happening, and my mind still refuses to believe it. It is as if someone is working on the embodiment of what seems impossible, improbable, beyond the limit.

Dimash Be With Me Footprints of the Ancestors 5 Pituitary and Epiphysis Amun Blackness-Cosmos Melanin and Melatonin

We will combine the footprints of our ancestors left in different cultures with religious, scientific knowledge, and historical events, thus obtaining a speech model of the world or a unified theory of everything, as you like it best. As far as I understand, it will be the result of the development of intelligence on Earth.

Dimash Be With Me Footprints of Ancestors 6 Sella turcica Lotus of Egypt Lily of France Tulip of Kazakhstan Atlantis

To be continued…