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I Am Kazakh (Men – Kazakhpyn). High Hill

Dimash Post Men – Kazakpyn I am Kazakh from October_26_ 2020 PhotoOn October 26, 2020, Dimash posted a text with words from the poem “Men – Kazakpyn” (I am Kazakh) by Zhuban Moldagaliyev on his Facebook and Instagram pages. The first two quatrains from the post:


Мен – қазақпын мың өліп, мың тірілген!

Жөргегімде таныстым мұң тілімен.

Жылағанда жүрегім күн тұтылып,

Қуанғанда күлкімнен түн түрілген.


Мен – қазақпын, бір биік белеспін мен,

Еуропа да, Азия да емеспін мен.

Аралықпын, жетінші материктей,

Бірақ барша адаммен тең өстім мен.

I am a Kazakh who has died and risen a thousand times,

Who has known the language of grief from the cradle.

When my heart was crying, clouds was eclipsing the sun;

Day was coming at night from my laughter.


I am a Kazakh; I am a high hill alone;

I am not Europe and Asia.

Intermediate, seventh continent,

But grown up with all the people.

Dimash Qairan Elim For I am KazakhThe country of Kazakhstan is located between Europe and Asia. Dimash dedicated the song “Qairan Elim” to her. The video for this song shows the battles of the peoples of the steppe and the nature of the country. What do the many deaths and resurrections, the high hall alone, and the seventh continent mean?

I Am Kazakh (Men – Kazakhpyn). High Hill

The words “I am a high hill alone” from the poem “I am a Kazakh” by Zhuban Moldagaliyev remind of the hill that appeared from the waters of the Nun Ocean in ancient Egyptian mythology. I wrote about the Nun Ocean in the article “Dollar, Yuan and the Heart of the World…“. From the section of the article “Body, Mind. Soul, Spirit. Anima and Animus. The Egyptian Ogdoad Created by Ptah“:

  1. “The first pair from the ogdoad, Ḥeḥu and Ḥeḥut, creates an infinity of material objects, bodies, and movements in space.
  2. The second, Kekui and Kekuit, engaged in “growing” the mind of the primordial darkness of insanity.
  3. The third, Nun and Naunet, nurtures the soul (a new identity, uniqueness, or “ba,” according to the Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul).
  4. The fourth is the Holy Spirit, who renews himself by passing through the different stages of the pair of Amon and Amaunet. During the renewal, it splits into three pairs – Niau and Niaut, Tenemu and Tenemut, Gerh and Gerhet, collecting the components of matter, mind, and soul for the renewal.”

The god Nun was considered the primordial ocean of the waters of chaos in ancient Egypt. The hill that emerged from the primary waters of Nun is Benben. The bird deity Bennu took off from it. Benu is the symbol of the soul – “ba” of the god Ra, and also of the god Atum, since he, according to the 17th chapter of the Book of the Dead, was Ra in his first sunrise (see Wikipedia).

There is also the Egyptian god Tatenen, demiurge, lord of the underworld. His name means “risen land.” He created from the primeval chaos the earth with all its chemical elements, as well as flora and fauna, gods and people, and gave names to everything. The ancient Egyptians revered him as the giver of food and the father of the solar deity. Beginning in the XVIIIth dynasty, Tatenen became identified with Ptah.


I am Kazakh Men_kazakpyn January_27_2021 1According to the myth, the god Atum used his life force Ka to create the world. (The name “Egypt” means “Home of the Ka of Ptah.”) The last pyramid built in Ancient Egypt is associated with the New Kingdom. It was built during the time of Ahmose I, the founder of the XVIII dynasty. The XVIIIth Dynasty, the 18th element Argon, and the Argonauts ‘ sea voyage for the Golden Fleece. At first, the final pyramid of the Fruit of Wisdom (red) of the human world is assembled, and then it is connected to the Golden Fleece of the Basic Fruit of Life (see “Ship – Levels of Reality (L of R)“).


The article is being prepared, it takes time.

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