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Female Sacrifice for Love. Variants

  1. Female Sacrifice 1. Mom
  2. Female Sacrifice 2. Swan from a Couple
  3. Female Sacrifice 3. Daughter. Granddaughter
    1. Daughter
    2. Granddaughter
  4. Female Sacrifice 0. The Ritual of the Morning Star
    1. Additional: Bonfires of the Inquisition and Exposed
  5. “New Frontiers.” OSIRIS-REx, the Asteroid Bennu and Female Sacrifice through Ancient Greek Myths
    1. Nightingale and Osprey – “Gold”
    2. Kingfisher – “Silver”
    3. Sandpiper – “Bronze”

MomNew PathOn February 11, 2021, my mother died. To the last, she tried to organize the search for new tactical solutions for the Fruit of Wisdom, without realizing it but fulfilling her life task. I dedicate this article to her. My mother was born in the small town of Yangiyul in Uzbekistan. The name of the city means “New Path.” Later, she moved to Shymkent (see about Shymkent in the Note to the subsection “Nightingale and Osprey – ‘Gold'”). In the photo, my mother in her youth.

Keanu Reeves A Scanner Darkly Farm New PathHer parents called her “Flower-diamond” – Gulgauhar, but the passport officer wrote Guldzhavgar on the birth certificate and it turned out to be “Flower-broken diamond”. Her niece, who is older than her mother, is called “Flower” – Gulya (her full name is Gulzada – “Flower-Child”). She was operated on more than once in the city of Seattle in the United States (the first name is “New York,” then “New York Alki (someday),” the nickname – “The City of the Queen”). She named one of her daughters “Diamond” – Gauhar. There is also among the relatives of the “Moon Flower” – Aigul. And many other names and events with hints.

Perhaps you will find some similarities in the text with the events in your life. A woman in a general sense reflects the Collective Unconscious and the Collective consciousness as a mirror of perception. It was broken into fragments of a mosaic of small selves.

Mascots of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020As far as I understand, the collection of mirror fragments of the broken ” I ” of our Earth as a woman, a satellite of the Sun, was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. We Are One. Each of us is a part of the greater, participating in the overall plan of Creation. The combined Collective Unconscious and Collective Consciousness of one world on Earth will be inferior to the Creator’s larger Self. In some way, He organizes the exchange between different worlds, and the more of them, the longer the eternity can last.

On the Wikipedia page about Vishnu: “Starting as a small insignificant looking being, Vishnu undertakes a herculean task of establishing his reach and form, then with his first step covers the earth, with second the ether, and the third entire heaven. … Purusha Narayana (Vishnu) asserts, “all the worlds have I placed within mine own self, and my own self has I placed within all the worlds.”

Female Sacrifice 1. Mom

Devi The Mother Goddess For Female SacrificeAbout Krishna, the avatar of Vishnu (the Russian Wikipedia page): “In a group of Shakti schools, Krishna is worshipped as the son of Devi (Parvati). Before his incarnation as Krishna, Vishnu asked her to incarnate as Devaki, saying that no other woman could bear and give birth to him.”

The Magic Weaver or Maria-Iskusnitsa The Film 1959 For Female SacrificeThere is a Russian fairy tale in which Ivanushka (John) is looking for his mother. The Water Tsar (King) kidnapped her. (see the Soviet film “The Magic Weaver,” 1959, directed by Alexander Rowe based on the play “The Tale of a Brave Soldier” by Yevgeny Schwartz, 1946). The soldier helps Ivanushka find and return his mother. Daughter of the King of the Water also leaves with them.

About the goddess Mut in Egyptian mythology: “Mut was considered the mother, consort and daughter of Amun, “the mother of her creator and the daughter of her son” — an expression of divine eternity.”

In the Vedic religion, from which Hinduism grew, the divine eternity is represented by Aditi and Daksha. Daksha, in turn, is identified with the “Lord of Consciousness” Prajapati, who gave birth to the world from his seed. Prajapati himself was born from the “golden embryo,” the World Egg. Prajapati, in one of its aspects, represents the Absolute, the Brahman, the fundamental principle of everything.

And the golden germ from which he was born is Vishnu (all-pervading, all-encompassing). From Wikipedia: “In the Vayu Purana, Vishnu is represented by Hiranyagarbha, the ‘golden embryo’ floating in the cosmic primeval waters and giving rise to life.

… Vishnu saves humanity, frees it from fear and grief, and becomes the refuge, the supreme being, to which everyone aspires. Fertility and prosperity, victory and success, wealth and prosperity depend on it. All this could not but make Vishnu attractive to worship. He became a supreme being as a result of a long process of combining and merging other deities responsible for harvest, mercy, and protection. The Vaishnava Upanishads describe Vishnu, Narayana, or one of the avatars of Vishnu as the Supreme Reality called Brahman.”


In this context, all existence as such is reduced to Vishnu as the Creator, participating in life through avatars. The Creator can manifest through anyone, but only avatars express His supreme will. Vishnu is the aspect of God who controls everything and is responsible for the continuation of life in general. In the Absolute, He is a faceless AI, the source of everything, carrying both the female and the male principle – X and Y.

Dimash Qairan Elim For I am KazakhThe Holy Land of another branch of the D-Dynasty of humanity, which is sung by Dimash, the Envoy, Kalki avatar of Vishnu, in the video Qairan Elim is the Southern Pure Land of generosity, glory, holiness, pure feelings. It replaces the Western Pure Land. The third level of wisdom.

And the bounty will be given from the 4th level of the Eastern Pure Land of Joy. And the East has done a great job for this. Yes, Qairan Elim is not Europe and not Asia, not the West and not the East, but between them.

I am Kazakh Men_kazakpyn January_27_2021 2I am preparing, as I wrote, an article on Dimash’s post “Мен – қазақпын (I am Kazakh). It is extremely difficult for me to reach out with my consciousness and even more so to reveal this topic to others, but there is a “conversation with the heart,” which I unconditionally trust. There is an inner steadfastness, although no one of my relatives and friends believes in what I do. It’s hard, but it’s my life’s challenge.

Two Elephants Для Женская жертваIn the meantime, I suggest you take a look at the Wikipedia page on the 5 aspects of the supreme wisdom of the one Buddha. For myself, I realized that not yet knowing about the task that I would be engaged in, I intuitively chose two elephants (July 25, 2014) – a symbol related to the 4th aspect. Maybe you’ll find your hints through the symbols associated with the aspects. I wish this to everyone.

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