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Metapyramid in Kazakhstan. Upper Levels. Stranger. The Sword at the Gates of Paradise

  1. Metapyramid and Heart. Cardiovascular System
    1. Kamikaze of the Small Circle (Pulmonary Circulation)
    2. Great Circle (Systemic Circulation) of the Cardiovascular System
    3. Placental Circulatory System
    4. Two Poles, the “Golden Mean”, etc.
  2. Samsara of Matrix and Samsara of Fractal Algorithm. Liver and Kidneys. Stranger
    1. Samsara of Matrix
    2. Samsara of Fractal Algorith
    3. Metapyramide. Upper level, New Personality and Adrenal Glands
    4. Stranger
    5. Sleep algorithm
  3. The Image of Dimash with a Sword
    1. The Sword Is at the Gates of Paradise. “I Came not to Send Peace, but a Sword.” The Time of the “Harvest”
    2. Archangel with a Sword at the Gates of Paradise and the Image of Dimash. The Archangels of the Samsara Matrix and the Fractal Algorithm. RNA and DNA

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  1. Bulat and Metapyramide. Silver Unicorn Shu and Iron Volga-Tefnut. Dimash, Canelo vs GGG – 3 and Exit from the Local Bubble

    1. About Bulat Steel, a Sword, a Bifurcation Point and a Man of Steel as Part of the Movement Control Module of the Defense System in Conditions of Chaos33
    2. Dimash, “Canelo vs GGG – 3” and Exit from the Local bubble
    3. Exit from the Local Bubble. A New United Heart, A New Spirit, A New Earth, A New Sky
  2. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Somatic NS. Volunteers, Argonauts
  3. Pyramids of the IV dynasty and Somatic, Vegetative, and Metasympathetic NS
  4. Metapyramid. Upper Level. Adrenal Glands. Training of Ascending Intelligence
    1. Dopamine-Norepinephrine-Aadrenaline. The Last Abode and the World of Brotherhood
    2. Imagine

Metapyramid and Heart. Cardiovascular System

Diagnosis_1_2-AB 2022Before starting the story about Metapyramid, I want to write that, probably, I would not have been able to reach the disclosure of this topic for months, or even years, if my middle brother Bulat had not been in intensive care, having suffered a massive heart attack on his legs. The diagnosis is shown in the attached photo.

It was a huge shock for me. The brother lives separately, passing his trials like an angel, always responding to the requests of others. Since childhood, he has been wise, loving, incredibly patient, caring for others without thinking about himself. Next to such people, there are often those who, without feeling the measure, abuse their willingness to help.

Even in such cases, he continues to treat those who need him with care and love. With incredible patience, he tries to re-educate by personal example those who are not ready for exchange, but for now are only able to consume. Teach, show, give a chance to change.

Cardio-vascular System Small Circle For MetapyramidCygnus_loop-Veil_nebula-Fishnet_nebula For MetapyramidSetting up readiness for exchange begins in the family. Therefore, often people like a brother have their complete opposites next to them, completely devoid of inner light, any skills other than the ability to consume. In my opinion, it’s a “special” part of the small circle (pulmonary circulation) of the cardiovascular system, which is most directly related to Metapyramid.

It begins with oxygen enrichment of venous blood. The small circle of blood circulation and … the “Dead loop” of Ancient Egypt, as well as the Swan loop of the Christian religion.

According to Wikipedia, pulmonary circulation was first described in 1553. The Spanish theologian, naturalist, physician, cartographer, and Renaissance humanist Miguel Serveto  did it in the book Christianismi Restitutio (The Restoration of Christianity).


Leda Swan-Zeus Egg with Castor and Pollux, Leonardo da Vinci, 1510-1515 years Leda and the Swan-Zeus Francesco Melzi The Myth of the EggServet’s work clarified Galen’s erroneous idea that existed among doctors for more than 1300 years about the transfer of blood from the right ventricle to the left through the cardiac septum. Servet’s priority in the study of blood circulation was considered indisputable until, in 1929, a manuscript of the XIII century by the Arab physician and scientist Ibn al-Nafis with a description of pulmonary circulation was found in Damascus. Direct textual coincidences in the descriptions of Servet and Ibn an-Nafis suggest Servet’s familiarity with the text of his Arabic predecessor.

(The Arab world, Islam and the Fractal Algorithm of the spiral of development. Spain, Christianity and the Matrix of Renewal and Reproduction. See below Samsara of Matrix and Samsara of Fractal Algorithm…)

Dimash JasminDamascus is the capital of Syria, known in Syria as the “City of Jasmine” (مَدِينَةُ الْيَاسْمِينِ‎ Madīnat al-Yāsmīn). It’s a major cultural and religious center of the Levant, the Eastern Mediterranean (from Italian Levante” – “Rising”, Middle French Soleil levant” – “Sunrise”, in traditional translation — the Near East, Arabic name ٱلْمَشْرِق al-Mashriq – “the eastern place where the Sun rises”).

Bulat-and-Damascus Steel-and-Blade For MetapyramidDubai 2022 Dimash Mahabbat_ber_magan-Give_me_love-Rose_PetalsDimash-Costume_of_Stranger-Shine-12_2021(Damascus steel, obtained from combinations of steel billets with different carbon content by welding, as well as the scarlet Damask rose, which became the symbol of the House of Lancaster in the long-term Wars of the Roses with the House of York. About steel below in “Tent and Metapyramid. Upper Level. Heart and Cradle of Birth”)

Servetus denied the dogma of the Trinity, presenting the Creator as one and unknowable, but revealed to man in Word and Spirit (“On the Errors of the Trinity”, “Two Books of Dialogues about the Trinity”). He also claimed that the soul of Christ was made up of the union of the Holy Spirit, which is the divine breath, with the breath of earthly, created life. Servet’s book “Christianismi Restitutio” was recognized as heretical. It came out with the initials M. S. V., which allowed the Inquisition to establish Servet’s authorship. He was burned at the stake on October 27, 1553 as a heretic.

Ala-al-Din abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Abi-Hazm (/ Abi-Haram) al-Qarshi al-Dimashqi, known as Ibn an-Nafis (1210-1288) is one of the greatest medical scientists of the medieval world. He was also an Islamic scholar, lawyer, philosopher, writer, and polymath in different spheres of life. The most voluminous of his books is Al-Shamil fi al-Tibb (The Comprehensive Book on Medicine), which was planned to be an encyclopedia comprising 300 volumes. However, Ibn al-Nafis managed to publish only 80 before his death, and the work was left incomplete. Despite this fact, the work is considered one of the largest medical encyclopedias ever written by one person, and it gave a complete summary of the medical knowledge in the Islamic world at the time. The number of medical textbooks written by Ibn al-Nafis is estimated at more than 110 volumes.One of the directions of his research is related to blood circulation, or rather to the circulation of blood in the human body.

Ibn an-Nafis did a great job studying the works of all his predecessors, and suggested that the blood in the various chambers of the heart does not mix and does not move through the pores, as Galen claimed. Instead, the blood simply bypasses the heart and flows either into the large or small circulatory system. Blood from the right ventricle, according to the theory of Ibn al-Nafis, rushes into the lungs to mix with air, for which there are special pores in the vessels of the lungs. This discovery had only a theoretical basis and therefore for a long time remained accessible only to a narrow circle of scientists. Ibn an-Nafis also described the structure of the lungs and discovered the coronary arteries that feed the heart.

Dollar Yuan and the Heart of the World(See also about the circulatory system of the world in the section “Формирование кровеносной системы и мировая экономика” (“Formation of the Circulatory System and the World Economics”) of the article “Доллар, юань и сердце мира. Криптовалюты и единое цифровое хранилище как итог” (“Dollar, Yuan and the Heart of the World. Cryptocurrencies and a Single Digital Storage as a Result”))

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