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Metapyramid in Kazakhstan. Upper Levels. Stranger. The Sword at the Gates of Paradise

Samsara of Matrix and Samsara of Fractal Algorithm. Liver and Kidneys. Stranger

Liver and Kidney Midbrain Tectum Diencephalon HPA Axis United Kingdom China Shine! Super Brothers The King's AvatarMetapiramida Metapyramid 2023In Indian religions, there is the concept of samsara (Sanskrit संसार, IAST: saṃsāra “wandering, wandering”) – the cycle of birth and death in the material worlds limited by karma (Sanskrit कर्म, pālī kamma – “action, duty, activity). Life after life, the soul moves into different bodies – better or worse – depending on its deeds in previous incarnations.

In the process of reincarnation, each time, the soul in its new incarnation is given another opportunity for improvement. Reincarnation is evidence of God’s compassion towards living beings. In Indian Buddhism, samsara is understood as a cycle of suffering of four oceans of tears associated with the loss of parents and children, homeland, health, property. To get out of it, it is necessary to open the twelve-membered chain of the zodiac circle of attachments and desires.

Samsara of Matrix

Hi_no_Tori-Phoenix-Bird_of_Fire For Metapyramid Zodiak Two Circles Humpbacked_Horse-Konek_Gorbunok 1947-1975 For Metapyramid“Phoenix” (火の鳥, Hi no Tori – “Bird of Fire”), the work of the Japanese mangaka Osamu Tezuka from 12 books, is a vivid visualization of the endless circle of samsara, leaving a feeling of incompleteness.

According to the description in Wikipedia, the author drew inspiration for its creation from the music of Igor Stravinsky, a Russian composer of Ukrainian origin who had citizenship of France (1934) and the USA (1945), and the Soviet cartoon “The Humpbacked Horse”.

Games of the XXX Olympiad 2012 London For MetapyramidDoctor Who 10 and 11 Olympics 2012 LondonThe Phoenix and its renewal over the fire of Olympic cauldron were shown at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. An updated “golden trail” for the continuation of endless wanderings in the zodiac circle. (see also subsection “2014 – White Head. 2012 – Phoenix Bird” articles “Qairan Elim and the Creator’s Sacrifice”)

Символическое изображение бога Атона в Древнем ЕгиптеTriad-Matrix_algorithm and Olympiads Для Петля Мебиуса For The Mobius LoopRoofTop-Jay_Chou-2013 Для Петля Мебиуса For The Mobius LoopApparently, the Olympic bowl of Thomas Heatherwick’s unusual design was a reference to the symbol of the god Aten, the final form of Rha-Horakhty (Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons). At the opening ceremony, seven torchbearers set fire to her 204 copper hands-rays from seven points. And at the closing ceremony, the hands-rays gathered in the form of a tectum – the “roof of the midbrain”, as if displaying the upper level of the Matrix of the current world in a Local Bubble.

Igor Krutoy and Dimash as 5 and 10 Doctor Who or Guardian of Vishnu at different stages Time Crash Meeting of Doctors 5 and 10 Mini-episode Time Crash for the children's charity Children in Need Doctor Who Double and Rose Journey's End(Thomas (name) is derived from Aramaic תאומא – “Twin“, “Similar to him”, Greek version Θωμᾶς, in the New Testament is the name of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, Heatherwick – “Heather wick”. See also about the nickname Heathcliff – “Heather Hill” in the post “Meanings of Some Concepts and Names of Heroes SAO and SBO”, and the sections “Раскол во времени. Сверхмассивная черная дыра и квантовый скачок” (“Split in Time. Supermassive Black hole and Quantum Leap”) and “Помощь детям в нужде” (“Helping Children in Need”) in the article “DQ – Q-bit – Wormhole – Quantum World”.)

From Wikipedia on the page about the 2012 Olympics (Russian var.): “At the beginning of March 2012, the Iranian authorities announced their intention to boycott the 2012 Olympic Games, since the logo of the 2012 Olympics is stylized under the word Zion. … The official anthem of the London Olympics was the song Survival by Muse. The song was performed during the opening of the Olympics, as well as at all the awards ceremonies of athletes. …  the text of the Olympic anthem … he claims that life is a contest in which the winner is the one who has decided to succeed, who does not forgive and does not give up.” Cm. also about Christmas Island (Kiritimati) of the Line archipelago, located next to the Phoenix Archipelago in the post “Metasystem to shackle Satan for a 1000 years before judgment according to the Bible, Novaya Zemlya (New Earth), etc.”)

Olympic mascots 2012 LondonThe mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in the UK were two animated drops of steel, Wenlock and Mandeville (for steel, see below in “Tent and Metapyramid. Upper Level. Heart and Cradle of Birth” and above in the Note to the section “Metapyramid and Heart. Cardiovascular System”). According to Wikipedia, this was the second time (after Vancouver Miga, Quatchi, Sumi and Mukmuk) when Olympic and Paralympic mascots were unveiled simultaneously (the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Canada 2010). Each of the talismans had one eye.

From Wikipedia: “According to legend, Wenlock and Mandeville were formed from drops from the smelting of the last beams of the Olympic Stadium. The polished steel that is their skin allows them to reflect the personality and performances of the people they meet. One eye of the mascots symbolizes the camera lens, and the yellow lights on their heads symbolize the London taxi.” Wenlock was the symbol of the Olympic Games, displaying the unity of five in one, and Mandeville – the Paralympic.

Osaka Wheelchair CompetitionsThe Paralympic Games are international sports competitions for people with disabilities (impaired muscle strength, passive range of motion, limb deficiency, visual impairment, since 1992, people with intellectual disabilities have also participated in the Paralympic Games). The first Paralympic Games were held in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

10 Energy_of_the_Future The Secret of the SphinxFrom Wikipedia: “The first organized athletic event for disabled athletes that coincided with the Olympic Games took place on the day of the opening of the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. Jewish-German born Dr. Ludwig Guttmann of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, who had been helped to flee Nazi Germany by the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (CARA) in 1939, hosted a sports competition for British World War II veteran patients with spinal cord injuries. The first games were called the 1948 International Wheelchair Games. … Paralympics has grown from 400 athletes with a disability from 23 countries in Rome 1960, where they were proposed by doctor Antonio Maglio, to 4520 athletes from 163 National Paralympic Committees at the 2020 Summer Paralympics.”

Колесница Тутанхатона - Тутанхамона Chariot of Tutankhaten - Tutankhamun For MetapyramidLooking back at the history of the Earth, the images of the “solar cart” and all possible chariots remind of the rehabilitation of those who were rescued from the river of time (mirroring – spinal cord?), and then returned to it to create new stories for life in the quantum universe (see the article “DQ – Q-bit – Wormhole – Quantum World”).

Cover of Maitreya and a Drawing of NostradamusOlympics-2014-Sochi-RussiaKyiv_Ladya_Kyj-Schek-Horyv-Lybed_MotherlandIt’s in the variant of the Ka doublers, and in the Ba variant they are associated with chapter 13 “Orange Dream” from the book “Maitreya. The Merging of the Manifested and the Unmanifested”, which came to me as a vision while working on the book in 2016. (Ka and Ba – see “Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul” in Wikipedia, as well as the subsection “Metapyramide. Lower, Underground level, New Personality and Adrenal Glands” below. In the context of the chapter “Orange Dream” from the book, first Ka climbs to the next level on the way to the top of the Tree of Life, and then he helps to climb to the same level of Ba.)

Dimash ARNAU Initiation Dedication of Kazakhstan 2019 Karlygash-the Swallow and the core of the creation of 5 and 5 petalsEmblems of the Olympic and Paralympic Games For MetapyramidShine_Super_Brothers Pill_for_WisteriaIn 2019, Dimash performed the song “Love of tired swans” at the solo concert “ARNAU: Kinetic Voice”, opened the ARNAU tour, in Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan). A girl in a wheelchair named Karlygash (Swallow) performed the hero of the song on stage. 

Dimash Concert tour D-DynastyDimash London 2018 For MetapyramidDimash Moscow March 22 2019 song Battle of Memories Red circle with 3 ringsIn 2018, in addition to the concerts of the “D-Dynasty” tour in China, Dimash also gave a solo concert at the Indigo at the 02 hall in London. A girl from the city of Aktobe (“White Peak”, where Dimash was born), whom he presented at a concert, sang a song about the capital of Kazakhstan, dedicating it to her deceased dad. Her name Nargiz means “passing through the fire”, and the surname Zhanuzakova probably refers to the “old soul” (“Zhan” – “Soul”, “Uzak” – “Long, long”). In this context, she was perceived as a copy of her father’s old soul, which he left to this world to pass a three-level Matrix and form a new worldview of the personal (Ba). (The father’s theme was repeated by the representative from Kazakhstan Karakat Bashanova at the junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, beaten in the design of the song “Forever” for the father-God and the father walking the path of the gods.) In 2019, 2 concerts of the “D-Dynasty” tour took place at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia.

Dimash Kudaibergen ARNAU Kinetic Voice Nur-Sultan (Astana) Kazakhstan June 29, 2018 For Qairan Elim DQ-ARNAU-Give_Me_Love-Rha-Isis-Nephthys-SPB-2019 Dimash Envoy Concert tour Arnau DedicationAnd in December 2019, at the third concert of the ARNAU tour (Dedication, Initiation), held in New York, USA (the second was in St. Petersburg, Russia), at the end of the first part of the program there was a number with dombra playing (“Adai” by the Kazakh composer and performer Kurmangazy), designed in such a way that four dombrists displayed the roof of the midbrain, and Dimash rose above them on a special lift .)

Autumn_Strong Open_the_Door Amanat Birds Rain For Argus Аргус 2017-Chinese_Golden_Melody_Awards-Favorite_Foreign_Singer-Late_Autumn-Ikanaide For Docking with West and EastMobius Loop Opening1 The Secret of the SphinxLater, on the show 追光吧 (“Shine! Super Brothers, 2021-2022) in China with Dimash’s participation, in the 4th episode, two members of the Beijing A-D 209 team, Zhou Xiao’ou and KeyNG, performed the song “Open the Door to the World” about the expectation of meeting two halves (on the male side, the old personality and his new Ka, who received the right to independence, as far as I understand). The song talked about the sadness of the left eye and the stubbornness of the right (see the post “Shine! Super Brothers 2021-2022, China”). It seems that infinity is moving to the level of space, and the sphinx-machine is replaced by the sphinx-spaceship (about sphinxes, see in the Note to the subsection “Kamikaze of the Small Circle (Pulmonary Circulation)” above and the section “Pyramids of the IV dynasty and Somatic, Vegetative, and Metasympathetic NS” below).

Samsara of Fractal Algorith

Unlike Indian Buddhism, in Chinese Buddhism, samsara becomes a “hope for the eternal continuation of human existence” or a variant of Taoist immortality. Probably, the path of immortality is connected not only with a single-phase slow sleep reflecting the four yugas of Hindu cosmology, but with a sleep of two phases – slow and fast (See below Sleep Algorithm).

Liver and Kidney Midbrain Tectum Diencephalon HPA Axis United Kingdom China Shine! Super Brothers The King's AvatarJade (via French l’ejade and Latin ilia – “flanks, kidney area”) is a symbol of purity of the soul in China. From Wikipedia: “An old Chinese proverb says: ‘Gold has a price, but jade is priceless.'” Jade can refer to either of two different silicate minerals: nephrite (from Ancient Greek. vεφρός – ‘kidney; obsolete. kidney stone’) or jadeite.

Nephrite and jadeite stone also have symbolic meaning not only in China, but also in other countries of Asia and the East, as well as in Latin America. Nephrite has a fibrous structure. Jadeite is harder; it consists of grains (microcrystals, four-sided or eight-sided in cross section) and is valued higher. The interlocking crystals of massive jadeite help give it its extreme toughness.

China has its own jade deposits. In addition to them, Canada is the most important supplier of nephrite to China. Deposits of nephrite in British Columbia in Canada were discovered by Chinese settlers. There are also significant deposits of nephrite in Taiwan, Russia, the USA, Brazil, and New Zealand. Myanmar (Burma) supplies high-quality jadeite not only to China, but also around the world. There are also deposits of jadeite in China, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

In the history of the art of the Chinese empire, jade has had a special significance, comparable with that of gold and diamonds in the West. Jade was used for the finest objects and cult figures, and for grave furnishings for high-ranking members of the imperial family.

In Shanghai, the most important cultural center of China (one of the four cities of central subordination), there is the Jade Buddha Temple, founded in 1882 and combining two Buddhist schools of Mahayana (Great Chariot): Pure Land and Chan. These were a sitting Buddha (1.95 meters tall, 3 tons), and a smaller reclining Buddha representing the Buddha’s death. The temple now also contains a much larger reclining Buddha made of marble, donated from Singapore.

In addition, there are three “golden Buddhas” in the Great (Grand) Hall of the temple: in the center – Buddha (Sanskrit बुद्ध, literally – “awakened one”, “enlightened”), on the left – Dhyani-Buddha Amitabha (Sanskrit: IAST: Amitābha, “limitless light”), on the right – the Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru. (By the way, the largest statue of Buddha Amitabha is located in the Japanese city of Ushiku.)

Metapyramide. Upper level, New Personality and Adrenal Glands

The Krebs BicycleThe Krebs Bicycle 1 For MetapyramidMetapiramida Metapyramid 2023Liver and Kidney Midbrain Tectum Diencephalon HPA Axis United Kingdom China Shine! Super Brothers The King's AvatarNephrite indicates the kidneys and genitourinary system that acts in parallel with the gastrointestinal tract. Nephron (from the ancient Greek vεφρός (nephros) – “kidney”) is the main structural and functional unit of the kidney. The genitourinary system and the “zeroing” of the former image to create a new identity.

Adrenal gland Left Right For MetapyramidMichelangelo Creation_of_Adam For MetapyramidShip L of R January_25_2021Probably, for this, the kidneys have adrenal glands consisting of cerebral and cortical matter. Moreover, the left and right differ in shape. The right adrenal gland has a pyramidal shape, and the left has a semilunar or crescent shape and a slightly larger size. The new identity joins the already existing set of personalities of the basic intelligence, the “collective mind”.

Dimash Motorcycle ARNAU Krasnodar February 16 2020 Dimash Motorcycle ARNAU Kazan February 20 2020Dimash with little DimashThis process is the main one for the lower, underground level (Underworld) of the Metapyramid (see below Metapyramid. Lower, Underground Level. Adrenal Glands. Training of Ascending Intelligence). It can be assumed that the right adrenal gland is related to the male part and the acquisition of new skills for the body, as well as new ways of using energy (Ka in the concept of the soul of Ancient Egypt), and the right one is related to the female part of the soul and the formation of a new worldview (Ba). According to the concept of the soul in ancient Egypt, the pure spirit of Akh (intellect), freed from the problems of the body, is formed by the merging of Ka and Ba.

Yin_and_Yang For MetapyramidSwiss psychiatrist and educator Carl Gustav Jung introduced into modern medicine the concepts of “anima” and “animus” related to the psyche as a soul to designate the archetypes of the collective unconscious (collective unconscious and prokaryotes, archetype (prototype, original, sample) and archaea, see about them in the article “Behind the Mirror – 1. The World -Mirage” and posts: “Archaea, Grandfather Mikhail, Yadrena Fenya (of Core), Damn granny, Baba Yaga” and “The First and Last. Lokiarchaeum”. “Casts of ancient souls” can be imagined through stromatolites, “casts” of cyanobacterial mats that change their design from epoch to epoch – see subsection “Underworld – Мир-мираж. DIGITAL LIFE DESIGN. Рея и Эвристика” (“Underworld – World-Mirage. DIGITAL LIFE DESIGN. Rhea and Heuristics”) of the article “Argus. DIGITAL LIFE DESIGN. Мир-Мираж – Underworld” (“Argus. DIGITAL LIFE DESIGN. World-Mirage – Underworld”).

The anima is the female part of the collective unconscious of the male psyche, and the animus is the male part of the collective unconscious of the female psyche. In this perspective, every man and every woman contains some part of the divine Ka and Ba, unconsciously performing a hidden role assigned by the Creator and related to the common essence. Only one pair of chromosomes, X and Y, determines the sex of the unborn child (see the post “X and Y. Anima and Animus. The Common Gist”). As a result, the Creator promises a new earth and a single heart made of human flesh instead of stone hearts (casts of ancient souls from different depths of the ocean of life?), a new sky and a new spirit (right).

Jung’s concept fits into Chinese philosophy, represented in Taoism by the symbol “Yin and Yang”. At the closing ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, the division into 2, the exit into 5 and more were shown.

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The Creator chooses one of the personalities and prepares her as a new image of the Creator for the next “Golden World”.

In this context, Chinese residents are perceived as new individuals of those who develop their personality and are on the way to gaining “immortality”. By developing new identities, learning different facets of being, they strive to master the fractal algorithm and create not only the likenesses of an existing one, but also invent something new, unique (see the post “How Can Everyone Become Osiris and Get the Right to Create a Variant of the Ideal World?”).

Walk the path of the angel-Christ in the “Little Game”, dying and reborn in the Matrix of the natural cycle as Osiris. Then become a demon in the “Great Game”, challenging the established order as Seth. Reborn as a Horus, half angel, half demon. Know the essence of the Creator and reach the point of becoming Lucifer, and then the Horus the Elder in search of eternal love as the basis of creativity and continuation of life. As far as I understand, the Horus the Elder gets the right to earn its “golden land” for the realization of the new ideal proposed by it. (The thought of the Horus the Elder arose after the release of Dimash’s video clip “I Miss You”, see the article “Sunset Shore and Soul”.)

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. (Revelation, 19:11)


Hints of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard For I am Kazakh8 Energy_of_the_Future The Secret of the SphinxIn addition to figurines and figurines, so-called jade Bi-disks were found in China, resembling in appearance 5-inch floppy disks for recording information used in the late XX, early XXI century.

Burials of members of the royal family of the Han dynasty (II century BC and later), dressed in funeral costumes made of jade plates, were discovered in China. The plates were connected through holes, depending on the status of the buried (but not always) with pieces of gold, silver, copper wire or silk thread, ribbon. The shape of the plates also varied, and there were formed pieces of jade that also covered the eyes, mouth and ears (see Wikipedia).

From Wikipedia: “The sarcophagus of Tsar Alexander III in Russia is completely carved from Siberian jade.”

The tombstone in the tomb of the Turkic-Mongol commander and conqueror Tamerlane in the Gur-Emir mausoleum in Samarkand (Ubekistan) consists of two parts of a split and joined plate of dark green jade with an inscription in Arabic script. (See also “The Soul and the Cosmos” and “Tamerlane, Timur. Pyramids. The Taj Mahal. Return of the Soul”)

Sleep Algorithm

Modern man’s sleep has two phases – slow and fast, NREM and REM. Slow sleep has 4 stages. Western scientists have identified three stages. But, the natural cycle is a kind of unconscious dream and has 4 stages – spring, summer, autumn, winter. From this angle, it would be logical to divide the sleep phase into 4 parts:

1.1 NREM – Slow sleep, “dream time” and drowsiness (alpha rhythm (8-13Hz) decreases; theta rhythm appears (4-8 Hz)).

1.2 NREM – Slow sleep, shallow sleep (theta waves dominate; sleepy spindles appear, 2-5 times/min – sigma rhythm as a rapid alpha (12-14-20 Hz) with disabling consciousness)

1.3 NREM – Slow sleep, deep sleep, when it is difficult to wake a person (delta oscillations of 2 Hz < 50%).

1.4 NREM – Slow sleep, deep sleep, when it is difficult to wake a person (delta oscillations of 2 Hz > 50%).

Fast sleep (REM) does not occur immediately after slow sleep (NREM). For the last, 4th stage of slow sleep (NREM), there is a return to its 2nd stage, and then only rapid sleep (REM), with elements of absurdity and paradox, comes (see Wikipedia). These elements draw our attention to the most important points that are key in the fractal formula of the unfolding of the script of the world.

1.5     Repetition of stage 2 NREM – Slow sleep, shallow sleep (theta waves dominate; sleepy spindles appear, 2-5 times/min – sigma rhythm as rapid alpha (12-14–20 Hz) with disabling consciousness)

1.6 REM – REM sleep, the first stage, which is divided into two parts corresponding to “dream time” and drowsiness of NREM.

The rem sleep phase consists of the same stages as slow sleep. But they proceed very quickly and are accompanied by rapid eye movement under closed eyelids. Therefore, the second phase is briefly called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or REM (Rapid Eye Movements), and the slow phase is called NREM (Not REM, no REM). (see also the section “Петля Мебиуса, фрактальная формула развертки мира и структура сна” (“The Mobius Loop the Fractal Formula of the World Sweep and the Structure of Sleep”) of the article “За зеркалом – 3…” (“Behind the Mirror – 3…”) and the post “Sleep, Structure – Phases, Stages” in the forum section “Collect Meanings: Sleep, Memory”)

1.7-1.9 – REM – Fast sleep, stages 2-4, corresponding to the same stages of slow sleep

The REM phase correlates with the third Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt – the pyramid of Menkaure (Mikerin) through… Hetaera Rhodopis, the prototype of Cinderella from a fairy tale (see the post “2 – NOT an Endless Story. All Coincidences Are Thought Out…” in the forum section “Collect Meanings: Behind the Mirror)

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