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Qairan Elim and the Creator’s Sacrifice

I started writing this material since the release of Dimash’s video “Qairan Elim” on August 9, 2020. In the process of preparation, several topics or… “energy traces” for several publications were immediately identified: “Qairan Elim and the Creator’s Sacrifice,” “Women’s Sacrifice for Love,” “The Fruit of Life and the Fruit of Wisdom. Transcendere!”, “Put the World on Pause. XXI-XXII Centuries,” as well as posts on the forum, related to Ancient Egypt or “The House of Ka Ptah-demiurge.”

You see or feel “energy traces-images” in your heart quickly, and then dig into the information for a long time to figure out the connections between them and show them to others. The hippocampus helps you determine what is important and unimportant (see “Horns of Amun…”). The consciousness may not be ready for some traces, not only psychologically but emotionally. And then the information remains just a mosaic of fragments that you didn’t realize. Probably, everyone is familiar with this process of learning the world. Part of the developed material is published on the website in Russian. The rest is still in preparation.


  1. Qairan Elim (Holy Land) and Undefeated Love
    1. The Revival of Feelings and New Tactical Steps
    2. Consciousness, Broken into Many Pieces of the Mosaic, and New Ways to Use Energy
    3. Transitions
    4. Qairan Elim. Material World and Eternity
    5. We Are One. Reallocation of Roles
  2. Keanu Reeves. The Journey in the Dark
    1. Cyberpunk 2077
  3. Dimash and Interruption of the Cycle of Infinity
    1. Cyclical Life Programs from E-Space
    2. Karma. Parasytes. Substitution or a Love that Can Last Forever
    3. The Cycle of Infinity
    4. 2014 – White Head. 2012 – Phoenix Bird
    5. Interrupting the Cycle of Infinity
    6. Messenger Sent from the Distant Past to Reach out to Humanity
  4. About Spirit and Soul. Qairan Elim and the Creator’s Sacrifice
    1. Sword Which Turned Every Way
    2. Enjoy Life
    3. Selfsacrifice
  5. Love and the Path of Trials
    1. The Base of Genetic Code of the New D-Dynasty
    2. Fire of Love

Qairan Elim (Holy Land) and Undefeated Love

In the post “Spirit, Soul” on the forum, there are words:

“The body serves as a receptacle for the soul, in which it receives life experience. Having lived through different situations, you understand that the most valuable, in addition to providing the necessary for life and development, are:

– connections with those with whom you can feel the fullness of life, exchanging and enjoying with them feelings and emotions through our bodies through food, touch, smells, sounds, images, words, material things – necessary for life and decorating it,

– the ability to act, think, create, develop, and be recognized by others for what you do,

– logic that creates unique combinations of different shades of feelings with the help of reason.

The highest manifestation of life is the love that we strive for.”

The Revival of Feelings and New Tactical Steps

Love is created like the whole world. When we ask for love from God, do we think about what is necessary for it?

Lara Fabian, performing the song “Undefeated Love” at the anniversary concert with the ice show of composer Igor Krutoy in Russia, standing on a Crescent moon, “connects” with the disk – a representation of the Earth. The best skaters in clown costumes dance on the ice to the song. They are warriors of love, thanks to whom the Holy Land – Qairan Elim, where happy people will live, can be reborn again and again.

Becoming a warrior is a conscious choice that was once made by representatives of previous humanity, who gave birth to those who now live on Earth. And those who live now and develop a new identity do not remember this, having disappeared into the chaos, because it was necessary.

Feelings cannot be revived otherwise, and new tactics are also created only in this way. And without it, there will be no new stories for love, and its fire will be extinguished. Life for the sake of survival and power over others or life for the sake of love and development? Isaac Asimov brings humanity to the choice in “History of the Future.” The result of it is a model of Gaia, a superorganism with a unified brain structure and a common heart-consciousness.

The era of feuilletons (from “The Glass Bead Game” by Herman Hesse, see the corresponding post and “Humor, Neurohumoral Regulation…”) for maintaining existence in a world filled with a struggle for survival, accidents, and absurdities, is coming to an end, as is life, where love flared sparks and faded (see “Ada, Lord Byron, and the ‘Dark Journey of Own Power’…”).

Consciousness, Broken into Many Pieces of the Mosaic, and New Ways to Use Energy

The Wheel of the Movement of Eternity. Polaris. Ursa Minor and Ursa MajorWinged Scarab with a Sun Tomb-of-TutankhamunThe stage ended when parts of the Unified genetic program and Collective consciousness were divided into many pieces of the mosaic. The ties between them were severed to create something new. Each had its own part, trying to complete it to the whole, feeling the gaping holes in the heart. The heart and the Сollective consciousness. Together, we accumulated different ways of expressing feelings, exchanging energy, learning about ourselves, our instincts, desires, and actions for their implementation. (“I booked a flight to somewhere new…”, “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you…” (Ezekiel, 36:26) – see “32 Stories” Dogstar, “When You Believe” Dimash.)

“The history of humanity is more a history of the development of ways to use energy…”
“Energy of Life. From Spark to Photosynthesis,” Isaac Asimov

The Holy Grail depicted on a stained glass window at Quimper CathedralHoly GrailA new heart and personality with a new cobweb shell (the neocortex). A renewed Spirit with new images, actions, thinking, and capabilities. The novelty of feelings and meanings, expansion of their range and depth. A kaleidoscope of actions, images, and sensations are the ingredients of the elixir of eternity. Its Holy Grail is the web of interconnections of the Collective consciousness of humanity.

Dimash Know Police Day Moscow 2019 for Qairan ElimFrom Wikipedia: “Coined by its Scottish inventor David Brewster, “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek word καλός (kalos), “beautiful, beauty”, εἶδος (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and σκοπέω (skopeō), “to look to, to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms.” It was first published in the patent that was granted on July 10, 1817.” (see also “The Hieroglyph Nefer (Beauty) in Ancient Egypt. The Names of the Pharaohs”)

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