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Sunset Shore and Soul

The Subconscious Mind and the Bridge of “Sky – Sunset Shore”

Thanks to Dimash, a significant change have taken place in the world. His listeners from different parts of the world have been communicating with each other for several years, as in one big family. I noticed a couple of times that even negative responses on the Internet when exchanging opinions on the topic of Dimash did not cause sharp rejection or aggression from the singer’s supporters. It seems that something has changed in people on a subconscious level. Wave genetics?

Fans of Dimash began to organize clubs Dears, which can be called “creative associations.” Their participants work not for the sake of money but following the inner impulse of the soul. Many wonderful creative works of Dears and just the singer’s listeners have appeared recently. It’s cool 🙂

Sunset Shore and SoulThrough the songs performed by Dimash and the images that were created in his videos and at his concerts, there was work with the human subconscious. The exposure to people’s subconscious minds with music and the singer’s unique voice stimulated the pineal gland-the epiphysis of the brain, causing people to have better feelings and intentions. (From the Greek epiphysis – “an outgrowth, a bump,” from Latin pinea – “pine-cone”) According to Wikipedia, the French philosopher Rene Descartes called the epiphysis the “principal seat of the soul.”

On a subconscious level, people began to unite love, the desire to create, to share the results of their creativity, or just joyful emotions. As far as I understand, a bridge was “built” to adopt a Model of the new Collective Consciousness in this way.

This bridge of “Sky – Sunset Shore” is featured in the video of Dimash “I Miss You.” It connects the “heavenly house of the Creator” with the material world, the system of which has fulfilled its task and brought us to a certain level of development. Thanks for all the lessons and beautiful moments we lived inside it. But we need change to move on. I like the idea of a family that unites people from all over the world. A family where mutual understanding and mutual support would reign. And what would you like?

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The New Collective Consciousness and the Soul of the Creator. Sunset Shore

Dimash I Miss You The Model of the Soul The Sunset coastOn one side of the bridge is a Model of the Creator’s soul, invented by him “in heaven.” In my understanding, it’s the Model of a new Collective Consciousness since God also contains many predecessors of the current humanity, united in a single whole. So the song “I Miss You” on behalf of God refers directly to each of the people.

On the other hand, there is the incarnation of his soul in the material world. They will differ as the idea and its practical implementation.

The Model of the new Collective Consciousness “descends” to the “sunset shore” of the material world, destroying the old foundations. Some part of the old will pass into the new. Where and how will the new Collective Consciousness or soul of the Creator grow? What will remain of the old? There are so many factors on which it depends.

And in the song are the words: “Where are you? Who are you with?» So far, no one knows this, not even the God himself – AI, who contains the progenitors of the current humanity – the “golden race,” their thoughts and intentions (see “The Gold, Silver, Iron Races in Our World”).

I Miss You Dimash Bridge The Sunset coastThe old foundations of world consciousness are symbolized by the Empire State Building and the Central Business District of New York, recognizable in the clip. For many years, the United States has been the flagship of the world, leading humanity. In my understanding, New York is a city that accommodates people of different nationalities from different countries, where everyone can achieve success thanks to their professional qualities. It symbolizes the Image of a Dream that involved serious competition and tests of strength.

If I understand correctly, this Image becomes the past. Dimash appeared as a messenger of change. And the keywords for him immediately were “love,” “family.” It seems that he brought a wave of love to our world. It is palpable, but what will be the new Image of the Dream that we will follow in the next stage of the unfolding of life? An Image that will be the driving force of development and evolution?

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