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Everyone would like to know the essence of life on Earth in one way or another. As well as whether there is some higher power – the God who created this world. Why are we looking for our soul mate? Is she somewhere? Where is it? Why is there so much pain in life? For what? For who? Is happiness possible for everyone?

Are there answers to these questions? Yes, I do. Our consciousness has grown to recognize them. I hope I will be able to tell you about the essence by words understandable to all. Of course, that’s not my knowledge. Many generations of our predecessors have accumulated this knowledge. At the time of the creation of the world on the Earth, it already was. Now we return to it.

The Essence of Life on Earth. Dead Loop. The Ankh

The Dead Loop. Three Stages: Working Out on One, Survival, Life

The Third Dead Loop

The Internal Structure and Universal Artificial Intelligence

The Essence of Life on Earth and the Gate

The Gates to the West in the USA

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Actinoids and Lanthanide in the Film “A Scanner Darkly” with Keanu Reeves and Kevin Kelly’s Book “The Inevitable”

Bruce Lee in “The Matrix” and Bruce in “A Scanner Darkly”

To Other Worlds

The Meaning of Invitations to Storm Area 51 and the Bermuda Triangle

The Hint of Four

Keanu Reeves and His Projects, 32 Ways of Wisdom. “The Three-lingual Flame of the Four Wicks” and the Four-Letter Name of God

Keanu Reeves as an Image of the Collective Intelligence. One Heart for All

The Essence of Life on Earth. Dead Loop. The Ankh

The maneuver, which marked the beginning of aerobatics, is called the “dead loop” in aviation. We can say that we are all participants in this maneuver.

Atum Ankh The Essense of Life on EarthIf we remember the civilization of Ancient Egypt, we will notice the similarity between the Ankh — a symbol of eternal life that was carried in the hand of the Egyptian gods, and the “dead loop.” It is the essence of life on Earth, which is hinted by the Supreme Pantheon of gods headed by Atum, except Osiris. Or rather, it wasn’t a hint, all living at the time, I believe, knew that meant Ankh. Outwardly, it looks like a loop on the cross. For us, it was left as a hint, so we can remember why life appeared on Earth. What did they know in the days of Ancient Egypt? I’ll tell how I understood … slowly, and not only about it. A little patience.

From Wikipedia about “the dead loop”: “Its name — “dead” — it was due to the fact that for some time it was calculated only theoretically on paper and practically not performed.” Buddhism speaks of three chariots. The Bible — of three crosses, three baptisms: water, fire, and the Holy Spirit. And the dead loop has three turns.

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The Dead Loop. Three Stages: Working Out on One, Survival, Life

Two pilots are considered the first who performed “the dead loop” in practice – French pilot Adolphe Pégoud and Soviet pilot Pyotr Nesterov. Both displayed deeper processes.

France was to appear as a country associated with the previous One. The previous One in the film trilogy “Matrix” was the Frenchman.

Sample program in the form of a recipe in the programming language ChefGreen code in the film "Matrix"It is worth noting that we do not live in the Matrix, but in the space of options. The Matrix is a model, a recipe that can be prepared in different ways. And there is the Chef configuration management system and the Chef programming language. Programs in this language are similar to recipes. It is worth remembering the green characters from sushi recipes on the black computer screen in the “Matrix.” 

The shape and location of the s-, p-, d -, and f-orbitals in spaceI also wrote that the country has to do with the electron program or model that we follow. If I understand correctly, the first turn corresponds to the filling of the s-and transition to the p-orbital. From the Sun King (le Roi Soleil), Louis XIV to the hero of the French film “The Professional” (“Le Professionnel,” 1981). It’s the path of “the smaller vehicle” Hinayana in Buddhism.

Peter Nesterov executed the maneuver as a Soviet citizen. However, the Soviet Union itself collapsed because its system could not become self-organizing. Soviet people knew how to survive but did not know how to live. They acted as a cohesive unit during the war or the “cold” confrontation between the capitalist and socialist camps. When the iron curtain was lifted, the mighty state could not stand the test of a peaceful life.

As strange as it may sound, the United States “extended” the existence of the USSR, artificially supporting the image of the enemy that stimulated Soviet citizens. Did the Americans need such an incentive? No. It was necessary for the second turn of the dead loop, which was carried out in the “socialist camp.” The Soviet Union was its main zone. And I wrote on the forum what was the difference between the Russian and American soul the USSR and the United States the capitalist and socialist systems.

As far as I understand, the second revolution is associated with the filling of two orbitals — p- and d-. In Hinduism, it’s the “Great Vehicle” Mahayana — the chariot of war and confrontation — internal and external.

Seventeen Moments of Spring 1973With a sinking heart, the entire population of the Soviet Union watched the twelve-part TV movie “Seventeen Moments of Spring” (1973). Its plot tells about World War II. The main character is a scout behind enemy lines. The series, shot on black-and-white film, leads from a black-and-white chess game of unambiguous perception to the versatility of the world, its various shades. From chess to music, to understand that the world sounds like a Symphony in which everyone has their own game, truth, and lies. A professional is someone who sees and hears the entire Symphony, understanding the role of each individual.

Electron orbitals from s to iIn 2014, the Russian TV series “The Professional” was released in Russia. And later, the film “Siberia” (Russian title – “The Professional,” 2018) produced in the USA, Germany, and Canada, was also shot in Russia. Films lead to death, ending with the promise of love without its development. I only realized at the beginning of 2020 that the transition stage exists between the second and third turns. It is described in the article “DQ – Wormhole – Q-bit – Quantum World.” Why does it occur? If we look at the d-orbital, we see that the fifth electron pair goes beyond the boundaries of the manifested world. Therefore, without a Messenger from the unmanifested, or an Envoy from God, we cannot complete the filling of this orbital.

And after filling the d-orbital, we need a third round, which would allow all people on the planet to live without dividing into Nations and countries, not to survive. In Buddhism, there is a concept of a third, “Diamond Vehicle” Vajrayana, but there is no clear guide to its passage. The main one for human evolution on this path is the “secret mantra.” What does it mean? At this stage, it is important to hear the voice of the heart – it is the voice of the one who led you through life, your half or alter-ego from the unmanifested. Only by connecting with them in a single Collective Intelligence, you can get out of the cycle of infinity.

32 Ways of Wisdom from Kabbalah - 2s+6p+10d+14fFilling the f-orbit, we will pass 32 ways of wisdom from the Kabbalah = 2s + 6p + 10d + 14f. They correspond to 32 tRNAs in the human nuclear genome. It’s the end of preparation in the manifested world, and the transition to the unmanifested begins. A song by Dogs@r tells about 32 stories.

Along with the preparation of the third turn, a repeat of the infinity cycle is also prepared. The films “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) and “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) address this topic.

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