Algorithm and Structure Structure of Reality

The Kitchen of Reality. Reflection in Matter, Limits, and Bifurcation Points

The “kitchen of reality” will not interest everyone. Some people want to see and use what others have prepared. I’ve always wanted to find out how our world works from the inside. Not just to catch a wave of luck, success, and stay on it, but to understand how it is created, by whom and why. Three components are important: the cause, the process, and the result. (I took the image of the wave as a result after a reminder about the “New Wave” contest.)

Reality of the Universe

The Kitchen of Reality. The World of Action and the World of Forms

Types of Energy. Common Achievements

Actions and Movements. The West and the East

USSR. Zone of New Thinking

Movements. Summarizing

Conversation with the Unmanifested

The Periodic Table and the Canvas of Reality

Goalkeeper-The Preserver

Electron Orbitals. The Spiral, the Pendulum, and the Toroid

The Kitchen of Reality and the Point of Bifurcation

Senet, Raslila, and Thor. Ring of Life

Rings of Life and Belts of Asteroids. Scattered Disc

Two Toroid Belts and Two Zones

The Levels of the Zone of Manifested Reality

New Frontiers

Raslila, Social Capital, Peripheral Sensory NS and Amor Asteroids

Main Belt, Kuiper Belt, Scattered Disk

Structure of Chemical Elements and the Kitchen of Reality

Reality of the Universe

The entire Reality of the Universe is waves of energy that behave like separate objects. And we were gradually coming to understand this. The concept of so-called wave-particle dualism officially arose, starting with Jung’s experiment with two slits, conducted in 1801. First, scientists “discovered” the wave nature of light, then it turned out that electrons, atoms, and molecules also have the properties of particles and waves.

The scientific concept corresponds to the ideas of Chinese philosophy about the two principles of everything – Yin and Yang. Life unfolds through their interaction: Yang – male, possessing energy, and Yin – female, creating forms (see Yoton and Inton in the anime “Naruto”). So the “kitchen of reality” involves the joint work of two creative forces. The Great Limit that triggers the time count is their separation. And, accordingly, their merging means the end of time and the exit to eternity (see the subsection “The Great Beginning and the Supreme Ultimate. Man of Tai Chi…”).

For years, I was on my way to unraveling the inner kitchen – the one that is inside the atom. Thank you to the heart that led. I am grateful for all the hints prepared in our world by the Creator or Creators united in a single intelligence.

Since March of this year (2020), perhaps, my heart began to persistently show images of the XVIII dynasty of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamun. In addition, I continued to read and reread the pages about chemical elements in Wikipedia.

Summit Supercomputer Evangelion Eva 02 Kaoru The Kitchen of RealityDQ Herculis DQ Dimash and Gates of KeanuThe XVIII dynasty of the pharaohs and the 18th element Argon, reminiscent of the Argonauts ‘ campaign for the Golden Fleece – new stories. I also remembered the Seventeenth and last angel, Kaoru Nagisa in the anime “Evangelion.” He appears in the final stage of preparation for “complementation” or the unification of humanity into a single whole as the 5th child, demonstrating any degree of fusion with artificially created robots-supercomputers. And this is the angel of free will Tabris.

“Evangelion,” about Eve

“– People created Eve to be like God. Is that your real goal?
– Yes. People are doomed to die with this planet. But Eve can live forever as long as the heart of the one inside her beats. It will exist even when the Earth, Moon, and Sun disappear in 5 billion years.”

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