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Training on the Earth: Essence and Algorithm

1 Training of Our Consciousness

2 The Great Intelligence and Schools of Learning

3 Information Viruses, Cryptoviruses, the Training Algorithm with Keys

1 We Are Taught As a Neural NetworkThe Brain Neural network Training (By Heine Lizette, Soddu Andrea, Gomez Francisco, Vanhaudenhuyse Audrey, Tshibanda Luaba, Thonnard Marie, Charland-Verville Vanessa, Kirsch Murielle, Laureys Steven, Demertzi Athena - Open Science paper:, CC BY 3.0,

As we learn more about the world, the concepts of “God“, “Devil” are replaced by the concepts of the “Great Intelligence” and “Training Algorithm containing information viruses and cryptoviruses with keys“. What’s the algorithm for learning what? To train the consciousness of man. Our mind is a neural network. What should be the result of training? The answer is in Wikipedia:

“If the training was successful, the (neural) network will be able to return the correct result based on the data that was not in the training sample, as well as incomplete or/and ‘noisy/dirty/confusing’, partially distorted data.”

Pinocchio Venice 2011 Training AlgorithmWithout the ability to create our own neural network, we would be nothing more than dolls for performances, always doomed to be someone’s puppet, that’s all. We get everything that exists in our world as an advance payment. After training, we will have to work it out in the ‘kitchen’ of unmanifested reality, participating in the creation of worlds like ours.

To participate in the creation of material worlds, one must understand how our world was created. We need to restore its model and overall development scenario. We will do it on this website. After that, everyone should see parts of the general algorithm in their lives.

Each of us has his own way of Neo, fighting with agent Smith (film trilogy “Matrix”), or Clara, restoring the script of life of Doctor Who that the Great Intelligence rewrote and distorted (series “The Name of the Doctor”).

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