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Levels of Reality and Field of Experience

Would you like to speak personally with those who created our world? To understand the meaning of what is happening or consult how to solve the existing problems. Every day, we are getting hints from our invisible creator-mentors without even asking. It happens every day, but we often don’t pay attention or understand its meaning.

Most of life usually takes place on the “field of action or life experience.” In our world, there are eight stages of life situations and two sides: positive and negative. Their combination forms the “field of action” that we can be to imagine a chess board. Everyone has own chess game and moves. One person will take a couple of steps and stop. The other will pass this field along and across. Gaining experience in it, we are also looking for a way up to the creators of the world, otherwise, Jacob’s ladder (Bible).

It turns out that, in addition to the “moves on the field of experience”, there are steps up. What do we get when we go higher? Why do we need it?

“The whole world in your hand – you are happy and dumb, and only a little jealous of those others who have yet to come to the top. . ..” (Song “Top” from the TV movie “Vertical” Vladimir Vysotsky)

Meanings of Reality

Our reality has several levels and unites manifested and unmanifested worlds. There are three levels of the visible world, and two levels of the invisible world. Each life situation has various meanings at different levels (layers). Climbing from layer to layer, we eventually collect all the meanings of our manifested world. You can analyze and resolve life situations at the level of yourself, your desires and needs. And it is possible to do it at the level of the family, at the level of the nation, the country, at the level of humanity. When our consciousness reaches the last, we are ready for the transition to those who create worlds.


Apparently, the eight stages of life situations reflect a group of Jupiter’s satellites in space, called the Ananke group. It includes two subgroups of 8 moons. The section of the site “Script of the World” touches upon the topic of Ananke.


Climbing Levels

In the process of ascending, our thinking is undergoing fundamental changes. From the desire to get as much advantage, or power over others, to the desire to create what we would like to have in life, finding like-minded people.

Labyrinth Keys Levels of RealityThe creators of visible reality have more power and wealth than we do because they determine the course of history and can change its processes. For us, processes define reality. Possessing anything in the material world is illusory, so we are afraid of losing everything in life, crave material goods and power over people. It also applies to the fear of losing love or not having it. Love is an art that we learn. And the question of love in the unmanifested world is its shades that developers would choose for themselves and would add to the script.

The reality of the visible and invisible worlds is a five-level (five-layer) maze with many mirror doors-transitions. They lead between layers, and on one level. There may be a dead end behind the door. Each door reflects a fragment of the general scenario of the Earth. The mentors leave us hints-keys so we can guess which part is reflected.

Five Levels of Reality

Our consciousness reaches the fourth level. Unlike the previous three, it is intangible, the level of images, thoughts, ideas. The fifth is unknowable. We can only see images transmitted from it. They set the main causes, processes, and consequences that shape the current reality, and are various for different eras.

Picking up and solving clues, we move from one door to another. Most of the doors are on the lower two levels. They are known to each of us, even if we did not think about it. Of course, because these are levels of cause-and-effect regularities. It’s easy to get lost here, living through recurrent situations over and over again if you don’t know hints leading above.

The processes of growth and development are shown at the upper levels. At first, we integrate into these processes, learn to move between them as between separate stories. And then we try to interfere and change them.


With the advent of information technology, we have tried ourselves as creators of virtual computer worlds. And the further, the more, there is a desire of developers to introduce new features for them. Now in the Internet space there are many examples of free programs available to all. Teams of specialists living in different parts of the world are working on their creation. The next stage of human development is collective consciousness. Today we are constantly faced with tasks that one brain can’t execute.

The Tree of Life from Kabbalah Sefirot Celestial BodiesThe ability to combine our efforts was built in us initially. In ancient times, human tribes were able to act as a single organism in the event of an external threat or a common task. As you can see, it is not necessary to be a programmer to unite with the minds of others. Nevertheless, the stage of collective consciousness has its tests and selection criteria.

Marriage disappears with the change of consciousness. Words from the Bible: “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” (Matt., 22:30, KJV). If we look at the structure of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, we can see at the fourth level of reality two elements or groups – the mother and the father. The child for them is the material world.

At the fifth level, it is the dance of the stars, their interpenetration into each other. The more perfect the love, the more harmonious the dance is. But it can also be a collision or absorption. It depends on the readiness to learn the causes and consequences of the partner, the ability to accept them as own.


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