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New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya 2017

The New Year 2023 has begun. At the end of last year, I prepared for publication the Russian-English version of the 2017 book with the variant title “Майтрейя. Слияние проявленного и непроявленного Maitreya. The Connection of the Visible and the Invisible».

Even before the New Year, the book appeared on websites and, as well as on the websites of partner publishers “LitRes” and “Ridero”, but I had no inner impulse to present it as a gift for the New Year.

New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya. The Connection of the Visible and the InvisibleAs a result, I presented it as a gift for readers on Orthodox Christmas, celebrated on January 7. The published version can be downloaded or read online for free on various web pages. Some sites need registration to download, some don’t (for example,,  etc.)

Peter and Paul Fortress Tree of Life of KabbalahHares Peter and Paul Fortress St_PetersburgWinter_Circle - G - Triangle For MetapyramidEven if you are already familiar with the book Maitreya…, it is worth reading the Preface for this version of the title, written in 2017 and supplemented in 2022. It refers to the horizontal matrix projection of the Winter Circle (hexagon) in our world and the division of its matrix maze into levels.

Reach for the Heavens. We Are One

New Year 2023. Option to the Wake-Up Vertical

Kazakhstan and the Basis for a New Fourth World. Deer from Beastars by Orange

Wolf of Beastars by Orange and Kieli Meken – the Promised Land. Ukraine

Search for the Essence (Core). The Unfolding of the Inner Universe

Ukraine. Archangel Michael and the Army of the First Elders. Mitochondrial Eve for the Rabbit Hole

The End of the World and the Division into a Return to the Matrix Cycle or a Passage into the Transitional World

New Year 2023. Border

Matrix Projection and Separation into Levels

Reach for the Heavens. We Are One

Levels of RealityLewis Carroll’s fairy tales about Alice, with the mention of which the Introduction to the project “Levels of Reality” (LofR) begins on this site, are a guide in the matrix cycle and mirror reflections.

And the book “Maitreya …”, dedicated already to Alexandra (with a hint of Alice in the history of our world, who received the name of Alexander when baptized into Orthodoxy), guides the reader, turning the path through the matrix maze of the current world into a climb through the levels of the spiral of ascent with accelerated development of consciousness in order to reach heaven and find the way to her love.

(See posts “Alice and the Plane of the Matrix Projection, Alexandra and the Rise Beyond It“, “From Alice to Alexandra. Animus“, “Alice and Alice-Alexandra – Daughter and Granddaughter of Queen Victoria and tRNA-Swans“).

The book “Maitreya…“, it also leads to the idea of collective consciousness as a conscious necessity for saving and prolonging people’s lives. We Are One (See also “We Are One. Reallocation of Roles“, “We Are One. Massagets, Yuezhi, Asians, Huns, Welfs“)

From the book (Chapter 35. Dream: On a Sailboat”):

‘”Developed consciousness’s will be able to connect to each other and to unite in a single whole. The next stage of development – the collective consciousness. Your civilization what can be, do not come to it.”


“There have been several attempts to create civilizations. Previous civilizations were erased off the face of the Earth because they could not reach this level. The same thing could happen to you. In this case, a new civilization will arise…”

“That is, the development of consciousness is a condition for the existence of civilization? If there is no development, there will be no civilization?”



Майтрейя 2017 Cover of the book Maitreya rus-enThe book “Maitreya …” was created with great love for people who want to live in peace with others and strive for love and creativity in order to live happily ever after. It is for everyone who choose a peaceful life and want to find their way to love, gaining life experience in the matrix maze – “Ulisse“, developing their abilities of body and mind, sports and professional – “Olimpico” (“Olympico” – “Ogni Pietra” (Lights of Peter (the Great)) – a component Ka of the soul, and learning the laws of the universe and expanding their worldview Ba – “Passione“, “Ti amo cosi“. Because otherwise you will not get into the world of the free spirit Ah, based on love and creativity, leading to the creation of many worlds through which you can travel (about Ka, Ba and Ah, see “Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul” in Wikipedia).

New Year 2023. Option to the Wake-Up Vertical

Freedom-Mir_2-KiboDimash Across-Endless-Dimensions Seeds of LifeDimash’s repertoire includes one more song in Italian about the ascent of the free spirit, “Across Endless Dimensions” (composed by P. Zaia, lyrics A. Maggio), which he performed as the soundtrack to the Italian film “Creators: The Past”.

Dimash-The_Story_of_One_Sky-Requiem 1Maitreya. Synthesis of the Manifested and the UnmanifestedThere will be another version of the publication of the book “Maitreya …” with a Preface relating to vertical ascent and the formation of a free spirit Ah (“Shining”, intellect, see Wikipedia “Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul“). and the title Майтрейя. Слияние проявленного и непроявленного Maitreya. Merging of the Manifested and the Unmanifested. “Майтрейя. Синтез Проявленного и Непроявленного”. (“Maitreya. Synthesis of the Manifested and the Unmanifested”).

To some extent, it will echo this song. “Show me the stars, oceans of love. Show me the way to reach the core (essense) of my life…” – lines from the lyrics of the song. The Preface of 2023 will be dedicated to the path to the free spirit of Ah.

How much I wanted to get to the point by creating this project “Levels of Reality” (LofR), to which the book “Maitreya…” led me. Thanks to the alter-egos who led and continue to lead through the impulses of the heart, forming a song, pointing to different events or fragments from different fields of knowledge and art. Thanks to Dimash, through whom the whole plan of the Creator is broadcast and shown to the whole world.

DNA Spiral and GistoneFrom the article “The Kitchen of Reality. Reflection in Matter, Limits, and Bifurcation Points”: “I noticed some individual moments, but the threads of the canvas as a whole were torn and tangled when trying to pull each one out and see its interlacing relationships with others. Similarly, DNA strands would be confused in our genes if there were no histone proteins that organize and package them.” Dimash constantly creates key images (proteins-histones), on which, the history of the world can be collected, or reminds of the concepts associated with them.

Ananta-Shesha Krishna Vishnu - For New Year 2023These images are perceived as gifts, ordering chaos. It is somewhat reminiscent of the dance of the avatar of Vishnu among snakes in Hindu mythology. Envoy of the Almighty as the last of the avatars of Vishnu (“All-pervading”), Kalki, appeared in Kazakhstan, as if fulfilling a prophecy, presenting the key images of the new main program and separating the rest.

Kalki, Avatar of Vishnu St. George the Victorious - For New Year 2023Cesari Giuseppe Perseus_and_Andromeda - For Mirror Worlds and the Path to RebirthThe image of Kalki in Hinduism suspiciously resembles the image of St. George the Victorious in the Christian religion. And the image of George the Victorious echoes the image of Perseus from the Greek myth. Something changes, and something remains the same for each new world. I have already quoted about rebirth with Vishnu from the novel “The Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse:

New Year 2023. Christmas. Gift. Maitreya 2017God Vishnu - Для Новый Год 2023The world, as these myths depict it, appears at its beginning divine, blissful, radiant, primordial-beautiful, like a Golden age. Then it becomes ill and deteriorates, more and more falls into rudeness and squalor, and by the end of four ever-descending world ages, it is ready to disintegrate and perish under the feet of dancing and laughing Shiva; but this is not the end. Everything begins again with the smile of the dreamer Vishnu, who creates with a playing hand a new, young, beautiful, shining world.

Kazakhstan and the Basis for a New Fourth World. Deer from Beastars by Orange

If we talk about the Kazakh culture as the basis for the new Fourth World (see posts “The Model of Three Worlds. The Fourth world. The Fifth”) and “The Fourth World in Comics and the Turkic World. The Metaverse of Amon-Ra”), then it is worth writing about the Japanese manga ビースターズ ( (Bi:suta:dzu, “Beastars”) by Paru Itagaki and its film adaptation – the eponymous anime series from Orange. (see also the post “Fate: Grand Order. Fujimaru-Fujiwara. Yamato and Japan. Deers. Kiyamat“)

Beastars The subthalamic nucleus (Lewis nucleus) - For New Year 2023An exciting story, in the plot of which there is a very bright character, the king of the scene, the deer Lewis, aka “The Fourth”. (In my understanding, it’s another textbook-a masterpiece about the structure of our organism, in which the name of the red deer and his horns indicate the subthalamic nucleus (Luys’ body), his leg is perceived as an allusion to the constellation Orion, the embodiment of Osiris in the sky in the view of the ancient Egyptians (in ancient star atlases Orion is depicted leaning with one foot on the constellation Lepus (Hare), and this leg comes out for the asterism Winter circle – the image of the Winter matrix cycle). Lewis also recalls Lewis Carroll, the author of the Alice tales. Lewis is also the English form of the name Louis, used among the kings of Europe from the VIII to the XIX centuries, created originally as Clovis (Old Frankish Hludwig: hlud – “glory” + wig – “warrior”, “glorious warrior”) Charlemagne for one of his sons – see Wikipedia.)

In the story “Beastars”, animals, herbivores and predators, study together in a fictional school, and behind each animal, some country of our world is guessed. I will not take away all the pleasure of reading or watching the story, but only mention one fragment.

Wolf of Beastars by Orange and Kieli Meken – The Promised Land. Ukraine

At the end of the second season of the anime “Beastars”, the fight between a wolf (a stage illuminator in a theater circle) and a bear ends at the onset of the New Year. In the first online concert “DIMASH DIGITAL SHOW” (January 2021) of Dimash, during the performance of the song “Kieli Meken” (“Promised Land”) with the words “We are the descendants of the blue wolf”, a Ukrainian group performed a dance on the stage.

Baiterek Kazakhstan Flower and Handprint Berkut - Golden EagleAnd the composition “Qairan Elim” (“Oh, my Sacred Land!”) at the same concert was accompanied by a demonstration of the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan as an already created foundation. Kazakhstan and the Tree of Life, represented in the form of the Baiterek Monument, which has become a symbol of the country. Not far from it, you can see a building in the form of a large egg, which houses the National Archive of Kazakhstan.

The National Archive preserves the history of the creation of the country, figuratively speaking, its “genetic code”, which became the basis of a new “golden” world. The decrypted code can be used to create a new ideal.

In this context, Ukraine plays the role of the bearer of the idea of a new ideal, demonstrating the creation of a foundation at the underground level in the current conditions of the modern world.

It’s one of the moments when you see that Dimash shows all the facets (levels) of our reality, playing the leader of each level. In such cases, I always remember a favorite expression from the Koran, “They are cunning, and Allah is cunning, and Allah is the best of the cunning” (Sura 3 “Al-Imran (The Family of Imran)“, verse 54). Although in this situation, the Creator is not cunning, he simply gave a description of the underground level in the symbols of a common cryptographic cipher (wolf, falcons, DNA chains, etc.), and indicated where this level can be seen today.

If I do not understand what He shows and tells, then it means that I still need to develop my consciousness or experience something pleasant or unpleasant on my own experience. My favorite prayer: “What else am I missing to understand?” I don’t want us to “come out of the ground and go into the ground”, remaining only humus to create something new. I want us to reach the sky this time and move on to the next stage of development, reaching the pier for love.

Will the outcome of the situation related to Ukraine in our world be the same as shown in the story “Beastars”? My only son lives in Ukraine, and there are people there with whom we have spent some part of our lives together. Therefore, everything that happens in this country is very close to me. At the same time, directly or indirectly, it concerns all people on Earth. Will we come to peace and life without wars and violence? The material world is a world where conflicts and battles are inevitable in order to find new forms and actions, new solutions. Going beyond the material, a person strives for the eternity of the world of ideas or the world of the free spirit.

Our reality is now getting closer and closer to the world of ideas, but it is worth considering that at the moment we are living a phase of rem sleep, and not one of the stages of slow sleep. Rem sleep is filled with absurdities and paradoxes that attract people’s attention to different situations in different countries, figuratively speaking, causing “rapid eye movements” to help assemble the idea and the general scenario of our world from scattered pieces.

The textbook stories created by Japanese mangakas, who guide us through the vast universe of the human body, help to grasp the essence. But our story as a whole will be different from the stories of the silver canvas of ideas unfolded for all the inhabitants of the Earth from the generous Japanese heart of male yang energy. It’s how the flag of Japan is perceived – a red circle on a silver field.

We can focus on a common cryptographic cipher that connects all events in our world, and collect various explicit clues until the overall picture develops. According to the hints that I collected, taking into account what is set out below in the text, I got such a slide

Ukraine-Traces of Eternal Life

This slide leads to the song Amanat (“Legacy”, see the lyrics) with words about the legacy that is passed on by the reborn representatives of the golden race to those who remain on Earth.

In Christianity and Islam, death is promised at the end of the scenario of peace, followed by resurrection. In the Christian Bible (the Book of Revelation), we are talking about the first resurrection for the saints, who will be the helpers of the Creator and prepare visible reality for the continuation of life, and there is a second resurrection for the rest. In Islam, there is a saying of the Prophet Muhammad about the prerequisites of Kiyamat (Standing Day, Judgment Day), which will lead to death and resurrection in new bodies. From Wikipedia on the page about Kiyamat (russian version):

“The Hour of Judgment will not come until two huge armies fight, which will suffer heavy losses and at the same time profess the same faith…”

Beyond the Mirror - 1 The World-MirageLet me also remind you that in Kazakhstan, in two villages, Kalachi (“ouroboros” – “a snake biting its tail”) and Krasnogorskoye (Krasnaya Gora – “volcano” meaning “rebirth” with “remelting of consciousness”), for several years there have been cases of mass immersion in sleep, called “sleeping sickness.” Its cause has never been found. (From Wikipedia about how death will come at the end of the world according to Muslim ideas: “A breeze will blow causing all believers to inhale it and die peacefully”.)

The initial version from August 11, 2022 - For the New Year 2023Metapiramida Metapyramid Ошибка в соответствии систем организма уровням метапирамидыThe story “Beastars” helped a lot when I was collecting the meanings of, as I thought, the second and third stages of the Metapyramide. Or rather, at first I identified them as the first and second, and then, when my brother’s heart failed, I decided that I was mistaken.

Metapiramida Metapyramid 2023Now, looking at the photo of the underground globe of Ukraine on Independence Square in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, I return to the original version. Sometimes the Almighty leads us in crooked ways, because mistakes are also part of learning to gain the necessary experience. The world of ideas and what we live are closely connected. And, of course, the crooked path is reflected in the problems and trials in life.

Now, looking at my brother, who comes to breakfast with a cable stretching from his stomach, connected to the mains via a power supply, because he has a mechanical implant that replaces the work of the left ventricle of the heart (it also works from batteries that need to be carried (2.3 kg) and regularly charged), I think about that I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to so persistently lead him to this operation to restart his heart, knowing how much he would have to endure both before and after.

All these beautiful films about cyborgs are perceived quite differently when you learn in practice how doctors try to connect the human body with an artificial mechanism, what experimental subjects go through, and how many nuances can arise. The older brother and I were witnesses and attendants from the outside, and the middle brother has experienced and continues to experience it for himself.

And this is only a small part of the search for different ways of human development. You read about the lives of the saints, and involuntarily you remember the lines “And at an unthinkable price …” from the song “Love Like a Dream” (compozed by I. Krutoy, lyrics by V. Gorbacheva). Each of us is in one way or another a test subject in the lower manifested world, until it becomes possible to go to the “other side of the dream” (see “Beyond the Mirror – 1. The World-Mirage”). The test subject, the performer, the user, and the one who learns to create and create the future himself in the Creator’s team are different facets of development that the “ascending intelligence” goes through.

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