Script of the World The Meaning of Life on Earth

DQ Herculis, DQ of Dimash. Neon, Argon, Krypton. Doctor Who and the Periodic Table

DQ Herculis DQ Dimash and Gates of KeanuThe mysterious star DQ Herculis that our evolution leads us to. I learned about it from the book “Exploding Suns: The Secrets of the Supernovas” by Isaac Asimov. Reading the text about the supernova DQ Herculis, the light of which reached us in 1934, I remembered the logo of Dimash, made up of the first letters of his name and surname. Dimash Kudaibergen – DQ.

Suddenly, thanks to Dimash, the stars became so close. A complete picture of the idea of creation began to unfold before my eyes, where events in the world echoed with myths and, it would seem, entertainment projects. I tried to make it look like a collage. It was beyond what I was trying to find out, starting the project “Levels of Reality” (L of R). But is it possible to understand the essence of the world, being inside it? It could only be done by rising above the Earth and reading the left clues listening to the voice of the heart.

From the perspective of DQ Herculis, we can see that the outer world of space reflects our inner world. Looking at the starry sky, I remembered the movie “The Bad Batch” (2016). Distribution of this film, as well as the film “Parasite” (2019) that led the 92nd Academy awards ceremony with four awards a few days ago, was handled by the company NEON.

Neon, Argon, Krypton

How do you want to see this world? The world is neutral as long as the observer’s gaze does not interfere with it. And then there is refraction at different angles and different reflections. Neon gives many different reflections that we see in other people, thus getting to know ourselves. It is not always possible to accept the other’s point of view, even if they are right. Pride, arrogance is a Neon demon. A person who fails to cope with the Neon demon seeks to be significant and achieves it, but not by uniting with others, but by suppressing them. Dimash has the song “Lay Down” with words “lay down your pride, and I’ll show you the way we’ll go.” Keanu Reeves starred in the movie “The Neon Demon.”

Before and after neon, there are other chemical elements. You can see parallels between the incarnations of Doctor Who and the rows of chemical elements in the periodic table.

Periodic table of chemical elementsThe Kitchen of Reality Levels of Reality L of RThe Pocket Solar system of Doctor WhoNeon (from the Greek “new”), argon (“lazy”), krypton (“hidden,” “secret”). And there is also xenon (“alien,” “unusual”), and other chemical elements of the group of monatomic inert gases. Each row of the table corresponds to the next turn of our evolution. Going beyond one circle of knowledge, located between the elements of inert gases, we pass into another, then a third, and so on. And every next one has its own stories. How interesting everything is conceived. Socco.

I believe that I will also “collect” a small piece of the puzzle, related to the structure of the atom (EvangelionHelion and the “Human Instrumentality Project”). If I can also explain in words so that a plan of God is clear and for those who have started their journey anew, it becomes interesting to find their life and their future in this multi-level reality, then I will be useful in some way. To remember and restore old connections, to build new ones. I will tell you gradually. It’s like a way home. Thanks. With love…