Keanu Reeves ‘ Birthday

I thought that today, Keanu Reeves ‘ birthday, I would publish material on the film “A Darkly Scanner,” based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, showing how it reflects the 5 Levels of Reality. But for now, I can only show prepared images and write about the fact that I was fascinated by the topic of DNA and cells in our body in the preparation of the material. Eventually, I came out on “The History of the Future” by Isaac Asimov. (came out… Mentors led… It’s still hard to explain.)

The 14 books that the author invites us to read provide a detailed and fascinating insight into the origin of the Creator who “have overcome the world” (see the Bible, John 16:33), tell about the search for solutions, “iron hand,” accomplished work, Foundations, Gaia, and the Other (Fallom).

In the British science fiction television series “Doctor Who” is a hint of the Other. Isaac Asimov reveals the essence of the Other. It makes sense to read “The History of the Future” in the sequence proposed by the author. He put it in the book “Prelude to the Foundation.” I posted it on the forum for convenience. Maybe, you will also be interested in the book “The End of Eternity” by Asimov. And not just it. It is worth paying attention to the big three science fiction writers Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clark, and Robert Heinlein. We’ll get back to them.

Later, I will publish some explanations for the film “A Darkly Scanner.” We’ll also talk about biblical Adam-androgynes, Isaac, Herman Hesse’s ” Steppenwolf,”The Glass Bead Game,” DNA, genes, and the world’s turning point where “the good guys win.”

Today I write: “Happy Birthday, Keanu, the Other, who thinks in terms of humanity as a whole, and has found a way out of the abyss in practice. The fire of your heart penetrates the hearts of many, warming and generating a response…»

55 years as if symbolize the completion of the work to create a renewed structure of Reality in the midst of chaos. Thanks to Keanu and as well as all involved in the creation, we have a new path or melody that “will be the foundation of the future.” It’s incredible.