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Three Keys

  1. Three Keys: The First Key
    1. Formation of Collective Consciousness
  2. Three Keys: The Second Key
    1. The Tree of Life. Kabbalah. “The Glass Bead Game”
  3. Three Keys: The Third Key
    1. Ether

Alice Through the Looking-Glass For Three KeysThree keys are the main ones for the project “Levels of Reality” (L of R). Almost three years have passed since its birth on January 17, 2018, but for a long time, I was not ready to talk about the book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible” as the first key.

Then, in 2018, I created several items in the site menu – about keys and not only, but I’m able to write texts for them only now. Looking Glass effect – “first, you need to cut the cake, and then cook it.”

Sponge cake with cottage cheese and apples with cinnamon January-14-2021By the way, today (January 14, 2021), I made a cake – sponge cake with cottage cheese and apples with cinnamon. I recommend this option. I fill the baking dish to half with sponge cake dough, then pour the cottage cheese evenly over the surface – from 70 to 100 grams for a serving of 4-5 eggs. And then again the dough, on top of apples, and cinnamon. It turns out delicious 🙂 Well, pies still turn out faster than texts.

Let’s go back to the book “Maitreya…”. It seems that it becomes the fourth key when you already understand its essence and try to explain it to others. But the consequences of the 4th key are yet to come. And we’ll talk about the first three.

Three Keys: The First Key

Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible; Working version of the coverIt would seem that I am considered the author of the book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible.” And it led me to create the L of R project. But for me, writing the book was a collaboration with the unmanifested world. I wrote some of its chapters consciously. And others “came” as visions. It took several years to develop my consciousness to understand the meaning behind the “seen” and written actions of the main characters, as well as symbols that I entered into the book intuitively.

Уровни Реальности Levels of Reality L of RPart of notes for the L of R project For Three KeysA few years ago, I published chapters of the book on this site, also trying to translate them from Russian to English (almost without knowing the English language, as now). And later, following an internal impulse, I hid the book and started the project “Levels of Reality” (L of R).

It looked strange from the outside, but in fact, I did not yet have myself a clear idea of the essence of the book “Maitreya…”. Although I mentally began to call it “A Thriller for a Grown-up Alice.” And in the Preface to the project L of R, I wrote about both tales of Alice by Lewis Carroll and made her image a key one.

Hints about the need to return to the issue of publishing the book coincided with the release of Dimash’s video “I Miss You” (about Dimash, about the video – “Sunset Shore and Soul“). The clip worked as a kind of final message – it’s time. Not “maybe tomorrow,” but today. Why? Because I saw a bridge from heaven to earth in the video. It was already ready, built.

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(The view of the business center of New York in the video suggested that any idea or project is introduced into the world through existing promotion systems. In my case, it’s a way to cooperate with literary agencies. As it turned out, the largest of them are located in New York.)

Error correction

I correctly assumed that the bridge was built from heaven to earth. But this meant that the whole world of Earth was becoming a sunset coast. And, if we talk about meeting with the cosmic mind, it depends on the ability of one’s own consciousness to go beyond one’s small earthly self. To return to the book itself and rethink it anew, working on a new synopsis – yes, it was worth doing, but not for publication, but to reach the next level of reality, where the fourth key was located.

New York in the video clip “I Miss You” displayed the Fruit of Wisdom (life experience) – the Big Apple (nickname of New York), for the sake of which the material world on Earth was created. We live in the current world not for the sake of fame, wealth, etc., but for the sake of gaining experience and acquiring knowledge to understand the Creator.

Additionally. Awareness of the levels of reality through the book “Maitreya. Merging of the Manifested and the Unmanifested”

When I returned to the first experience of publishing the book “Maitreya. Merging of the Manifested and the Unmanifested”, I found that I had prepared it for publication on February 11, 2017. The text of the book was finished a few months earlier. I remembered the date because the next day I was resting and reading the news on the Internet. The news that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt on September 19, 2016, was repeated on many websites.

Strangely enough, I didn’t have an internal impulse to publish the book immediately after finishing work on it. Instead, there was an impulse to write a script based on the book, and I spent the next few months learning how to write a script for a movie. An illogical decision from an everyday point of view. But working on the script gave me an awareness of the 2nd level of reality, the basic principles of the two-level construction of history (actions at the first level and the development of consciousness at the second).

I started publishing the book in early February 2017 (after the script was written and even offered to some film companies). After reviewing the possible publication options in a few days, I quickly decided on the online publishing house “Ridero”. In the same publishing house, I made an order for 5 paper copies of the book. They were delivered with adventures exactly on the birthday of my brother Bulat, the sponsor and beta editor of the book, whom I jokingly call god Thoth.

After placing orders for publication and printing, I had an impulse to translate the text of the book into English, which I did not know. For me, it was not just a book, but a link with the unmanifested, which I wanted to share with others. I tried to master the basics of English grammar on my own in a couple of months, and then I started doing terrible translations of chapters. Nevertheless, this work gave me an awareness of the 3rd level of reality (the difference in the construction of the language, and I also began to get used to looking at Wikipedia pages for the same objects, subjects, and events in different languages. Different representations of the same thing in different systems of thinking gave a sense of three-dimensional perception). I have published texts and translations of chapters of my book on this website.

The next step was the project “Levels of Reality” (LofR), for which I transformed the site. And at this stage, it’s hard to explain, but I had the idea to call it a “home for everyone”. I wanted so much to find an opportunity to create a world where people would invent and live happy life stories for themselves. And to do it, first we had to figure out how our world was arranged. And I felt the readiness of invisible, but felt by very close and dear mentors to tell and teach.


The office of Ridero, as indicated on the publisher’s website, is located in Yekaterinburg. In 1918, family members of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II were shot here. The same city became a meeting place after many years of separation of Yamaguchi Yoshiko (Japanese 山口淑子, also known as Li Xianglan in China), the heroine of the song 行かないで (“Ikanaide” – “Don’t go away”) and her Russian girlfriend Lyubov Morozova-Grinets (a representative of a Russian noble family who emigrated to China after the fall of the tsarist regime). Having separated in the 1940s, the friends met again in 1998. With varying success, Yamaguchi Yoshiko became a cultural intermediary between China and Japan, between the Soviet Union and Japan (through Lyubov Morozov), between the United States and Japan. She had the greatest success in China, but circumstances developed in such a way that she was expelled from the country without the right to return. The story could have ended with her death, if not for the help of her friend Lyuba.

В 2017 году казахский певец и композитор Димаш первый раз исполнил китайскую версию песни “Не уходи” – 秋意浓 (“Autumn Strong”, “Осень сильна”), и он еще не раз спел ее на своих концертах в Китае. Один из концертов тура Димаша “Arnau” состоялся в Екатеринбурге в 2020. А в конце 2021 года Димаш исполнил японский оригинальный вариант песни “行かないで” (“Ikanaide”, “Не уходи”). Он стал уникальным исполнителем не только благодаря диапазону своего голоса. Он объединил в своем творчестве разные культуры без унификации идентичности, а, наоборот, сумев передать характерные особенности каждой из них.

“Ridero” translates the same way as the name of the biblical hero Isaac – “he will laugh.” In Kabbalah, there are parallels between the sefirs of the Tree of Life and the biblical heroes:

Chesed (חסד) – mercy (Abraham)
Gebura (gvura) (גבורה) — valor, heroism, might (Isaac,Yitzhak)
Tiferet (תפארת) – splendor (James)
Netzach (נצח) – eternity (Moses, Moshe)
Hod (הוד) – glory, greatness (Aaron)
Yesod (יסוד) – basis (Joseph)
Malchut (ללוות) – kingdom (David)

Formation of Collective Consciousness

The book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible” offers a variant of dialogue and interaction between the “earth and sky,” the manifested world of people and the unmanifested world of Creators. Its central character Alexandra is “grown-up Alice,” who is looking for her place in life, her love, having abandoned the relationship with which she tried to fill the “void of loneliness.”

Problems of “the grown-up Alice” are common to all people – women and men. But the “male part of the mind” determines the Structural Organization of human actions, and the “female part” – the Collective Consciousness. Therefore, we can say that the book “Maitreya…” is devoted to the formation of the Collective Consciousness of the next stage of our development. Collective Consciousness is associated with the heart, and Structural Organization – with the spirit. According to the Bible, there will be a change of both for humanity (see “The New Heart and the New Spirit…“).

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. (Ezekiel, 36:26)

Worlds in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah 0-3When I wrote the book, I wanted to awaken “the girl Alice with her childish curiosity” inside every potential reader who has stopped enjoying life in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The key to this is love. The heroine finds two male friends as the story progresses. One of them is older than her by 7  years, the other – by 14 (a hint at the levels of the World of Formation and the World of Creation). Together they complement each other like three in one – Maitreya.

So the team appears. Following the clues from the unmanifested for the heroine, it will open the school of scripts Maitreya. It’s a school for those who want to form the desired life for themselves, taking into account the interaction with other people and their desires, as well as the possibilities of the world as a system. (see below Note: Everyone Can Become Osiris)

Grown-Up Alice and Two Hands of God to Fly to the Sky

I saw a parallel with this trio in the video for the song Forever by Karakat Bashanova from Kazakhstan. The video with the theme of space was prepared for participation in the international television Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.

Karakat addresses her father in the song. But in the video, it is no longer the biological father but the Creator, God. He gives the girl two wings so that she can fly. These are the two hands of the Creator.

Companions of the “grown-up Alice” in the book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible” is also, in fact, two hands of God, without which the heroine would not have reached the sky. From the Bible:

Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together. (Isaiah 48:13)

A Guardian

The book takes the reader through a series of lessons in the World of Action. And the character is a double of the heroine from the unmanifested world – her alter-ego, with whom she conducts a dialogue, gives hints to pass them. From the Koran about the alter-ego as a Guardian of the soul:

There is no soul that does not have a guardian.

Song Птица Белая (Bird White) November, 3 2019 For Three KeysIn the song “White Bird,” performed by Aida Garifullina at a concert with an ice show in honor of the 65th anniversary of the composer Igor Krutoy, there are words: “And the loyalty of the female essence will be in me. She was the only one who kept me…” Here the feminine essence is the anima. A dialogue with her is a dialogue with the heart.

In the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the heart is represented as a receptacle of intelligence and memory. In Wikipedia on the page about the Concept of the Soul in Ancient Egypt:

An important part of the Egyptian soul was thought to be the jb (ib), or heart. The heart was believed to be formed from one drop of blood from the heart of the child’s mother, taken at conception. To ancient Egyptians, the heart was the seat of emotion, thought, will and intention… In the Egyptian religion, the heart was the key to the afterlife.

The first lesson in the book is to redirect negative emotions into a positive, creative direction. And further…

The Book “Maitreya…” and the Reader

At the end of December 2020, I sent out a query for cooperation with literary agencies. Time will tell how and through whom the book will reach the reader. The process is not fast, even though it is running.

Note: Everyone Can Become Osiris

According to the Book of the Dead or Resurrection (the Book of Emerging Forth into the Light), existing from the Second Intermediate Period in Ancient Egypt, anyone can become Osiris. The Book of the Dead was further developed and distributed during the New Kingdom. At the end of the Third Intermediate Period and the beginning of the Late Period, it was updated, revised, and standardized.

During the Ptolemaic Kingdom (Hellenistic Egypt), the Book of Traversing Eternity appeared. Later, it supplanted the Book of the Dead.

And the manga and anime Sword Art Online introduces readers and viewers to the concepts of full immersion in virtual reality and augmented reality. There is a parallel between them and the two concepts of Ancient Egypt. “Full immersion” and “dead,” “augmented reality” and “traversing eternity.”

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