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  1. A Ship with Scarlet Sails as a Symbol of the Future Created by Your Own Hands
    1. Scarlet Sails and Collective Consciousness
    2. Music video rotation on MTV. Arashi. SixTONES
  2. Ship and Changes
    1. Crius – the Ram (Aries) with the Golden Fleece
    2. Crius and Osiris
  3. Hints of the teaser of the new Dimash’s music video Golden
    1. “The Professional,” James Bond Films and Crius-Osiris
    2. Storm Area 51 and… the Green Osiris
    3. “17 Moments of Spring,” John Wick, Johnny Silverhand, Golden. Gods of the Current and Next Stage

A Ship with Scarlet Sails as a Symbol of the Future Created by Your Own Hands

Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible; Working version of the coverA ship with scarlet sails appears in the book “Maitreya. Joining of the Visible and the Invisible.” I “saw” it from the very beginning in the final scene, making the book’s setting the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Every year in the summer in St. Petersburg, the holiday of school graduates “Scarlet Sails” is held. It is named after the novel of the same name by the Russian writer Alexander Green (Grin).

Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin For Ship The Scarlet Sails Famous public event during the White Nights Festival every summer in St. Petersburg Russia For ShipThe leitmotif of the story is the belief in a miracle that comes true thanks to the actions performed for a dear person. The symbol of the miracle that has happened is a ship with scarlet sails. The characters of the book sail away on it to a new life. At the high school graduation celebration, the sailboat also becomes the main focus-an image of a happy future created by your own hands.

Scarlet is associated with the color of blood and the heart. The heart and consciousness, the brain and the structural organization of actions. The formation of a world with a new genetic program begins with unconscious actions determined by inherent instincts. And consciousness is “grown,” in fact, anew as a person accumulates life experience, and according to the programs of the subconscious. These programs, prepared by the Creators, are “hidden” in the heart. We associate them with the concept of “intuition” and say: “the heart suggested.”

In this perspective, the scarlet sails can symbolize the achievement of a level of consciousness at which a person not only wants miracles but is also ready to learn how to implement them himself. Then it becomes possible to have a dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious and to unite them.

Scarlet Sails and Collective Consciousness

The ship with scarlet sails at the festival is no longer related to one person but to many, whose hearts respond to it. The consciousness of many is united into a single Collective Сonsciousness. In the “Preface” to the site, I drew your attention to the fact that the complexity of the tasks performed at the current stage of development of world technologies has increased dramatically. The brain of one person is no longer able to cope with them. It requires the well-coordinated work of many professionals in different areas of activity.

Evangelion Movie theater Bringing people togetherAnd And the coherence of the work depends on the level of Collective Consciousness because it provides a unified vision. Something like an overall cinema for everyone (see the process of uniting humanity in the anime “Evangelion”). Such a cinema in the human head is the thalamus and the diencephalon as a whole.

In the introductory article, you can also read that, as we develop, we go through the path “From the desire to get as much advantage, or power over others, to the desire to create what we would like to have in life, finding like-minded people.”

The larger the team, united by a Collective Consciousness with a willingness to sail under the scarlet sails, the more its opportunities to realize everything that you would like, that you can imagine or see in others. And its life will be filled with love and care for each other.

Music video rotation on MTV. Arashi. SixTONES

Dimash Red 15 November 2020 to Imitation Rain by SixTONES "Pour into your heart. ... until the Hit from the rain turns red. ... Dancing in the rain ’till love comes to life""Worlds in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah Sefira_Daat to Men – KazakpynIn October 2020, Dimash’s music video “Qairan Elim” began airing on MTV USA on the official YouTube page during the program “Friday Live broadcast of MTV.” And at the same time, the music videos of two Japanese boy bands – Arashi and SixTONES, formed by Johnny & Associates, participated in the MTV rotation and entered the top five together with the clip of Dimash. Arashi’s compositions are about those who are ready to love and care for each other. And the SixTONES ‘ songs are about growing consciousness to “red.”

Flag of JapanTwo groups and two transitions: either to the crew of the ship, living in creativity and traveling through the Stargate of the Sefira of Knowledge Da’at, or a return to obtaining the life experience necessary to prepare for the transition to the “school of love.” (In addition to these transitions, there are others – see the section “Transitions.”)

Mikhail LermontovCoat of arms of the Lermontov family with the motto SORS MEA IESUS - My fate is Jesus For ShipWhite sailboat at sea For ShipThe band’s name Arashi, meaning “Storm,” is reminiscent of the verse “Sail” by the Russian poet with Scottish roots Mikhail Lermontov. The words from it: “A lonely sail is white in the fog of the blue sea. What is it looking for in a distant land? What did it throw in his native land? … And it, the rebel, asks for a storm…”

The Demon sitting by Mikhail Vrubel 1890 Vrubel explored the theme of the Demon created by Mikhail Lermontov in 1839From the lyrics of “Imitation Rain” by SIXTones: “Imitation rain, sometimes forcibly. Pour into your heart. Shall we play this game until the Hit from the rain turns red. Dancing in the rain ’till love comes to life…”


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